Sunshiny Rays


Let the light pass through

I guess I will continue my streak on capturing the beautiful clouds in the sky. Unlike the previous post, this is not in my backyard. I wish it were. This was taken during an evening stroll. I had my DSLR with me with one lens – the wide-angle. As you can tell, I live in a very hilly terrain area.

As I was walking up and down the terrain I noticed different spots being lit by the clouds. When I looked up, I saw the picture above. It was only right to capture a photo. However, there is a twist. The camera actually ended up displaying the light more sunlight rays that my eyes did not pick up! After I looked at the back of the camera I was amazed at what the camera had picked up.

The scene and camera

It very dark out that day because it had just finished storming earlier. The sun was still very high in the sky so there were moments of sunshine mixed with moments of extreme overcast. When there was a long break in the clouds, I got out my camera and took a photo. My cameras settings were not correct for the conditions so I adjusted to auto ISO a narrow aperture and a fast shutter speed.

I did not have a tripod with me so I needed to use a fast shutter speed. Even with these settings, the photo was still to dark. When I looked at the back of my camera, I noticed that my ISO only went up so far because I had set it not to exceed a certain amount. I removed the limit and allowed the camera to go as high as it could go. On the back of the camera, the image was magnificent. It was more than I hoped for. However, when I uploaded it to the computer, that was a different story.

The higher ISO created noise throughout the picture. I ended up using a program by Topaz to take away some of the artifacts in the picture. Then, I also brought out some of the shadows on the ground so you could see the light from the sun. I adjusted a few more sliders in Lightroom and ended up with the picture above.

On a final note

The photo above looks like there is a ball of fire right behind the clouds. Technically there is a ball of fire behind those clouds. However, it’s a few light years away – thankfully. The clouds scattered about created a nice backdrop for the ground and for the light rays to pass through. It almost looks like something out of a book. When I usually come across light rays shining through the clouds it only lasts for a few seconds. This scene lasted for a few minutes and I was able to enjoy every second of it!

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