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I have been taking some interesting photos of clouds lately. They never cease to amaze me when it comes to their beauty, shapes, and color. The photo above caught my eye because it looked like something out of a fictional movie. The bright puffy cloud appeared one evening after a light rain. When it glided over (toward the right) the moon appeared. It was then when I thought to quickly get my camera.

The Scene and Camera

The photo above was taken later in the evening. Just As the sun was about to set. You can see the orange glow of the sun on the white cloud in the photo. After the cloud moved in the position to where it was navy to the sun, I snapped the photo.

I was trying to decide what type of lens to use. I usually use a wide-angle lens when photographing landscapes. However, I decided to use a medium range telephoto lens so I could clue in on this particular spot in the photo. I also chose this lens because it was my personal choice not to include the tips of houses in the photo. My main focus was the clouds and moon. In the end however, I did include just the tip-top of my neighbor’s house to give the other subjects a sense of scale.

I used a narrow aperture and high ISO. I the. Decided to use a fast shutter speed because I was not on a tripod and wanted to reduce camera shake. Since I was using auto ISO, it adjusted itself accordingly. It is possible to set a cap for the highest ISO level you will allow your auto-ISO to go. In my case my camera will produce nice results in camera from 100 – 250,000 ISO. So what ever picture I take, the ISO will never be above 250,000. After that, I may need to spend some extra time in post processing to clean up noise. I try to avoid that as much as possible because sometimes it doesn’t turn out like I had hoped for.

On a final note

This was a very interesting photo. I have never been able to capture the storm and regular clouds in the same shot. I have noticed that the clouds have been so beautiful lately and I’m glad that I was able to catch one of those moments in a photo. Every time I have been out, I have seen a spectacular display in the sky. Hopefully I will be able to capture more and share the experience.

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