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The good book

Don’t worry, this is not a religious post. Just a quick photo I took of a book that I consider to have some useful information and makes me think. No matter what type of devotion you participate in, I say any positive self-development is better than none. There are numerous motivational speakers that I listen to on a regular basis.

My top motivational speakers include: Zig Ziglar, Rhonda Byrne, Joel Osteen, Brendon Burchard, Leo Babauta, and Joyce Meyers. I could go on forever because there are about 100 more to list. I’ve found that the base of their messages points back to lessons from the Good Book. Not every message they have is full of bible verses but the lessons learned are of the same values that to have already.

I usually listen to the authors above via podcast, radio, or audio book when I am working or doing chores around my home. That is a nice way to absorb information while completing other tasks – aka multi-tasking.

The Camera and Scene

I used a 90mm macro lens for the photo above. I also used natural on a beautiful bright morning lighting beaming from in front of a window with a closed blind. I placed the book on a mirror candle holder and used auto focus and a narrow aperture. I turned another setting to auto ISO and used a fast shutter speed. I ended up using a fast shutter speed because I did not have my tripod handy. This would allow me to quickly take the photo and reduce the appearance of camera shake. Camera shake is extremely visible in up close shots.

I didn’t turn to any verse in particular. I just opened the book to a random page.

On a final note

I found this picture to be a very thought-provoking one. There are some that love the Bible or “Good Book” and there are others that despise it. In my case I think how I feel about the book come mes through in the photo. There is a sense of calm and reflection throughout the picture. That is exactly how I feel after getting what I need from it.

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