Winding down – Sunset 


Winding down

There is nothing like being able to come home after a long day and relaxing to a beautiful sunset. No matter how many times I photograph the sunset from my yard, I never get tired of it. The colors are always different and mesmerizing. On this particular day the weather had been rather cold, dull and gloomy. However, about an hour before sunset the clouds scattered just enough for the sunlight to shine through. It was then I was able to capture this beautiful sunset.

The scene and Camera

When I arrived home I thought that the weather would remain gloomy. However, as I was getting ready to prepare dinner, I had seen a glimpse of a bright orange light through the blinds. I grabbed my camera and set it to a narrow aperture, 100 ISO, and adjusted the shutter speed for the correct exposure. Then I paired that with a wide-angle lens (12-24mm) which was already attached.

I usually use a wide-angle lens for all of f my landscapes shots. However, it would be a good idea to practice with a medium zoom lens. With a zoom lens, you are able to focus on a specific spot in a scene instead as a whole. This produces much more desirable results rather than cropping an image taken with a wide-angle lens.  I am still in the process of developing an “eye” to zoom in on certain aspects of a scene. That could be a project for a future post!

On a final note

This photo above was a simple one to take. I was surprised at how long the sunset actually lasted. They usually last no more than 5 minutes. I guess the clouds opened up at just the right time before the sun disappeared behind the hills in the horizon. Since I’ve started noticing the sunsets in my backyard, I always try to keep my camera handy for moments such as this. There have been many times where I wasn’t able to capture a picture because my equipment was not ready or I didn’t have time to go get. In those instances, I simply just take in the beautiful sunset until it turns a dark blue. Then I carry on about my nightly routine. Even if I do miss those moments to capture it, the most important thing is that I enjoy it.

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