Dark and Gloomy day after work

gloomyWhere is the sunshine?

Yet another post about a gloomy day after work. It’s not so bad because it’s on these days that I don’t mind being inside without any access to windows. As you can tell, the photo above had been processed. I wanted to dramatize the weather as well as the gloomy mood I was in when I took the photo. I did not have my mirrorless camera on me that day so I opted to use my trusted iPhone camera.

The Scene and post processing

There wasn’t much to capturing the photo except making sure the horizon was level. I also wanted to make the barren tree the main focal point of the photo. There are some that could argue that the clouds are the focal point. It all depends on how you look at it and personal preference. Since it was a cell phone camera, as soon as I pressed the shutter, it automatically focused and took the photo.

The program I used was Google Snapseed. I decided to take the time and quickly edit the photo before my drive home. Also, before I became to tired and forgot about it after driving through traffic. I ended up cropping the photo because there was a building to the left of the tree in he middle that didn’t add anything to the photo. After that is where he fun began. Snapseed has various filters you can apply to creat a different feeling to the photo. After playing around with different filters, I settled on the gloomy one above. After that, I increased the contrast and structure. Lastly, I decreased the highlights and darkened the shadows a bit. These changes made the photo even more dramatic and gloomy. What resulted is the image above.

Please note: I used another program to apply my logo/watermark. That was not done in Snapseed

On a final note

This was a quick and somewhat relaxing photo to create. It eased my tensions a bit about the daunting drive home. It also allowed me to capture the mood I was in that day because I wasn’t in a good one the entire day. It’s ok to not feel in a good mood sometimes. In my case, I created a memory to look back on as well as practiced my photo editing skills under gloomy circumstances.

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