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Is it possible

The photo above was a spur of the moment experiment. I was waiting inside my car before work finishing up my Diet Coke. I wanted to experiment with my cell phone to see just how close I could take a picture and have it come out somewhat decent. Much to my surprise, this resulted. I am so amazed at how far cell phone camera technology has come. I wouldn’t be surprised if they reach the same level as an entry-level DSLR within my lifetime.

Camera and Processing

When you think of using a cell phone camera, controls and customization are the last thing you would think are within your control. However, there are a few tricks you can use to obtain desirable results. I used an iPhone camera for the photo above. I placed the camera about four inches away from the soda can. Then, there an option to tap on the screen to adjust the focus area. I tapped on the cell phone screen and adjusted the focus area toward the soda drip on the left part of the can. I am not sure why I chose that focus area – personal preference I guess.

The lighting was naturally provided by the overcast weather we were experiencing that day. I opened the photo in Google Snapseed and adjusted the structure to make it a little bit more sharp and also the contrast. There is also a hint of blue tint. I wanted to make the blue tint that was already present a little bit more noticeable. As I said before, I have multiple photo editing apps on my phone. However, Google Snapseed is my “go-to” app for when I need a quick edit. I could have darkened the background where you can see the silver accents within my car in the photo. However, I decided to keep it – again, personal preference.

Please note: A different app was used to apply my watermark/logo. That was not done in Snapseed

On a Final note

As I mentioned above this was a competently out of the blue experiment I decided to try with my cell phone camera. I am actually pleased with the results. On a side note, I have decided not to drink Diet Coke anymore because of my recent research into the ingredients within the beverage. I have chosen to decrease soda intake and if I do choose to drink it, I drink the regular Coke. I encourage you to try this little experiment with your cell phone when you have time to spare. Now that I know the capabilities of my cell phone camera, I can guarantee that this experiment that I chose to do will come in handy later on down the road.

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