Sunset after work

Sunset after work

Being stuck inside a building is no fun. Being stuck inside a building without any open windows is torture. There were times when I would leave work and find out that it was snowing or raining cats and dogs outside. The forecast had snow for all day long. However, lately the weatherman had been getting it very wrong over the last few days. workWhen the forecast called for snow, not one flake would drop.

When he stated it would be a clear day, advisories would be issued while I’d be sitting at my desk. This made the drive home terrifying at times. Not knowing what I would run into. Then praying that my car would not slide down one of the may steep hills that I encountered on the way home and I end up in a car crash.

The Scene and Camera

The weatherman got it right this day. He called for partly cloudy with no chance of snow. At the end of my work shift, the anxiety began to set in as I tried to mentally prepare myself for what was ahead. As I walked toward the door, I was able to see the concrete in the parking lot. That is when I knew I wouldn’t have to white knuckle it all the way home. When I was walking to my car the anxiety melted away. I was able to look up and notice how beautiful the sky was.


I’m not sure if I thought it was beautiful because there was no snow falling or from the beautiful patterns it displayed. Nonetheless, it was time to capture the moment in a photo. I didn’t have my DSLR because I wanted to travel light. I had my mirrorless camera with the wide-angle lens. Used a moderated shutter speed and a low ISO because I wanted to capture the trees as silhouettes. My main objective was to capture the unique pattern in the clouds with the hint of orange from the setting sun. I also used a narrow aperture so that the clouds would remain in focus.

Since I was in the parking lot there really wasn’t much of a foreground element to add to the photo. I could have added the cars but for privacy reasons, I did not want to post any ones licence plate online with out their permission. Going back inside to ask for it was out of the question.  I could have blurred them out but that would be unnecessary work and I didn’t deem having the cars in the photo of the up most importance. I captured a minimal amount of the horizon line and a majority of the sky.

On a final note

As I stated before, I was extremely relieved of not having to drive in the snow. I usually try to look at the good in every situation. I can’t say to many positive things about driving in the snow; other than I have been very fortunate when I have had some close and scary experiences. I often find myself wishing for the winter to hurry up and pass by because of the dangers associated with it. On the other hand there are many people who enjoy snow. I don’t find myself being one of those people anytime soon. To end on a positive note, there are beautiful wildlife (birds in particular) that come out during the winter months. I always look forward to that.

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