Natures Unique pattern – Tree bark

Look at the patterns…

It’s amazing how your eye can tune into something that not very many people pay attention to. That was the case in the photo above. I was out for a nice stroll and happened to stop in an area where the view was quite nice. There are moments throughout my day where I find my self daydreaming or planning what to do next. This was the case when I happened to notice the patterns in this tree.

I had stared off into la la land and was contemplating on what I should make for dinner later that evening and if I had time to edit my photos. There were about 2,000 other thoughts but those were at the forefront of my daydreaming break. It wasn’t until I noticed that I had been staring at the same spot for a while and the patterns in the tree immediately jumped out. Now my thoughts were tuned into the beauty of the patterns and how I should go about capturing a photo.

The Scene and Camera

Luckily, I had the right lens with me! I used my 300mm macro lens for this shot. I turned on the macro switch on the side of the lens zoomed as close as I could focus and snapped a photo. Since this was a dark tree, I did not have it set to Auto ISO. Dark colors have a tendency of fooling the cameras light meter into thinking its actually a dark scene. Since that was not the case, I set it to ISO 250 used a narrow aperture to make the focus sharp. Lastly, I adjusted the shutter speed. Since this was not a moving object, there was no need to have an extremely fast shutter speed. It only took about 2 shots for me to get a nice photo of the patterns in the tree bark.

I must admit that I have never really paid attention to the patterns in tree bark before this day. It seems that I only view them as a whole and not separate parts. It’s funny how one shift in noticing details can make you look at things entirely different. After taking the photos, I began to notice other species of tree bark. Like I said before, nothing I had ever paid attention to before. It’s amazing how different each pattern can be. Even within the same species of trees. Almost as if it’s the trees’ fingerprint.

On a final note

This experience is one for the books because of my new outlook on trees. Every since this day I cant help but notice patterns in tree bark. Some are boring while others are quite intricate and beautiful. I know that some species of birds find food within tree bark and they cant help but notice the patterns and know which tree has the best food. Next time you are out among the trees, take a look at the different patterns and see if you can snap a photo. You will be amazed at the beautiful patterns nature has to offer.

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