Great Blue Heron

blueFinally got my close up!

So if finally happened. In a previous post I mentioned how I was so upset with myself for not bringing my camera with me on a day where I thought the weather was so bad and there would be no photographic opportunities. Needless to say I was wrong and I learned the hard way to just bring my camera. Even if I leave it in the car the entire time, at least I have it. The day I photographed this Great Blue Heron was the day I practiced my new-found wisdom.

Same location, same weather, same species of bird. Since there was no way to tell if this was the same bird as in my previous post, any Great Blue Heron would do. The only thing that was not the same was the other Great Blue Heron that was present in my previous post. They did not fly side by side. However, I am still glad I captured an up close photo! One that I had been wanting to capture for quite some time.

The scene and Camera

Among the other differences from my last experience with the Great Blue Heron, was the feeding behavior. I was not able to catch a photo of the bird having its afternoon lunch. For some reason, the main activity of the day was to fly back and forth between three spots. My guess is to find food. To capture the bird in flight an automatic focus and auto ISO was necessary. The aperture was narrow because I had no idea what direction the bird was going to go. The narrow aperture allowed me to have some room for maintaining the maximum depth of field whether it flew away or toward me. I also used a continuous high (CH) shutter speed to ensure that I caught the bird in as many frames as possible.

Later in post processing I would pick which frame displayed the birds beauty the best. I followed this bird a few times as it glided above the water line. I also did a bit of cropping on the photo because it was hard for me to zoom in tight while it was moving and still keep track of it. There were times where I lost focus because it went to the other side of the lake. When it did, I patiently waited and fished until it flew closer. Finally, just before it left for the day, it flew to the same side as the lake as me. Right next to some other people who were fishing. They quickly grabbed their catches and pulled it away from the Blue Heron. I guess they could tell that is what the bird was after.

On a final note

I am extremely glad that I learned my lesson from the previous experience. I wasn’t able to capture the Herons side by side. However, one Heron is better that zero Heron. Each time I go out and photograph I either learn something new or apply what I have already learned and gain a sense of accomplishment. Either way its a winning situation.

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