Hills as far as the eye can see


Another scenic drive

The hills in this photo are mesmerizing. In my opinion this picture doesn’t do justice to what I had seen that day! The photo above was actually taken in a moving car. There was no way to stop on the side of the interstate to snap a photo. That is when my experience and practice with using a fast shutter speed came in very handy! I would not recommend that anyone, no matter how beautiful the scene, stop along a busy road to snap a photo. It doesn’t matter if you stay in the car. Roads are roads. They are meant to be driven on, not to take pictures from.

The Scene and Camera

I had been in the passenger side enjoying the ride to a new fishing spot when I begin to notice the change in the landscape. There is a good mix of both city and country where I live so its no surprise to see tall buildings one minute and the next farmland. That was the case when I captured the photo above. Along with the diverse landscape there are plenty of hills in the area where I live. They are nice to look at and take pictures of but HORRIBLE to drive on and through. Especially during the winter months. It is one of my least favorite attributes about this area. The picture above captures the positive side of living on a landscape filled with hills of different shapes and sizes.

Based on the photo, I assume that is farmland. There was plenty of it stretching as far as I could see. As soon as I noticed the sun re appearing from behind the clouds, I quickly grabbed my camera. I set it to auto-ISO and a very high shutter speed. The camera was already on auto focus. I rarely use manual focus especially for moving subjects because there is a high chance that I will never capture the photo. I also set the shutter to continuous high or burst mode. This would allow me to take numerous pictures back to back. After that, I could look through to see which frame captured what I had envisioned. Along with the other settings, I made sure I had a narrow aperture so that the entire scene would be in focus.

When I uploaded the pictures to the computer, I noticed that I had a bit a cropping to do at the bottom. The reason for cropping is because since I was in a moving car, the part closest to the camera showed extreme movement. While the part away from the camera (near the horizon) showed very little to no movement. I was fine with cropping because there was not anything important in the forefront of the picture except for guard railing, which is not in any way shape or form pleasing to the photo.

On a final note

I would like to say that this was an easy photo to take. However, I would have to say that most of the credit of taking this photo comes from practicing adjusting settings quickly and knowing how to use a fast shutter speed. Without the combination of those two, this picture would have only remained a memory. Or a very blurry unrecognizable photo. That is why I always stress to get out with your camera in the most simple of situations and practice. One way I practiced fast shutter speed is in this post.

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