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I seem to be drawn to my cell phones camera lately! Don’t get me wrong, my DSLR treats my very well. I guess I have ignited a new interest in photography when it comes to taking pictures with something as simple as a cell phone. It’s a good thing because most people have used this at least once in their lifetime and its easily accessible. The photo above was taken on a nice walk outdoors. I didn’t have my DSLR with me so my cell phone was my next choice.

Also, I never leave home without my cell phone so it was my only choice. I mentioned before that I have no qualms about using a cell phone to capture a photo. With the advanced technology that is placed in cell phones today, I would say that they are comparable to a DSLR at certain times. Granted, I would never try to photograph wildlife or portraits with a cell phone but I’m not saying its impossible.

As I said above this was taken with a cell phone. An iPhone to be exact. I ended up using Snapseed in post processing again. If you have never used Snapseed, I highly recommend it. I believe that cell phone photography is a great way to introduce yourself into the world of photography; along with the picture editing apps. I think that when the cell phone begins to stop producing the results you want its time to upgrade to a DSLR. In my case, I worked backward. I started off with a point-and-shoot then went to DSLR and now I am discovering the many aspects of cell phone photography.

The Salvia

I do not know much about this flower except that it was my first time seeing it on my walking adventure. I said in a previous post that I am drawn to anything purple (in nature). So this species of Salvia was bound to catch my attention. I am still working on developing my cell phone photography skills and realized that I could have taken this picture at a different angle. Instead of looking down on the flower, I could have taken it with the camera level with the Salvia.

It is easy to look back on any photo and say “I should have”. However, that is not going make the current picture any different. What I must do now is remain grateful that I at least had a picture of the Salvia. And remember next time to try a different composition when photographing a plant. On the other hand, that is the fun thing about experimenting with photography, the quest for the perfect photo NEVER ENDS!

On a Final Note

I’m glad I was able to capture a photo of this beautiful plant. Next time I will apply what I have learned and try to capture it from a different angle. Wishing I had taken a picture from a different angle is not just limited to cell phone photography. I have felt this way numerous times before when photographing with my DLSR. I guess no situation is safe when it comes to trying to obtain perfection.

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