Tall Bearded Iris

IrisThis caught my eye

I was out taking a nice stroll and enjoying the beautiful weather when I came across this beautiful Iris. I love the combination of anything purple and gold so this was something I immediately had to capture. However, there is a twist. In a previous post, I was disappointed in myself for not bringing my camera with me during a day of fishing. This time, I did bring my camera. However, I opted not to use it. You could say it was from laziness but I say it’s from working with what you have at the moment. My camera was not on me at the time, however it was near by.

When I walked past the Iris I had two thoughts in my head, run back to get my camera (which would have taken about five minutes) or snap the photo with the camera I had at the time – my cell phone. Being that I wasn’t by myself during this outing, I didn’t want to hold any one up trying to mess with the camera. If you have ever been out with someone who is not a photographer, you know that there is a lack of patience that comes with that. So I reasoned with myself that if the photo was acceptable I would walk away with something nice. If not, at least I got to see a beautiful Iris that day.

Camera and Post processing

When I snapped the photo, I was happy with the results! What came afterward was much more fun. When ever I take a picture with my cell phone I do not under any circumstances edit the photo on a computer. I keep all of my post processing on the cell phone with cell phone pictures. There are numerous editing software to choose from. On this day, I chose to use Snapseed by Google. I have many other editing programs on my phone. Each one has a different purpose.

For a quick post processing edit, I choose Snapseed. For something that requires more detail, I use Lightroom Mobile. I didn’t do much to the photo except increased the contrast and saturation. After that I created a blur around the flower to try to take out some of the background distractions. Please note that after I processed this, there was another program I used to put my logo/signature on the photo; That part was not done in Snapseed.

On a final note

I’m sure that if I had gone back to get my camera I could have captured more details in the Iris. However, my time was limited and I used what resource I had at the time. I still think that I captured the photo that I envisioned and did so with limited time. It’s not in my character to knock down cell phone photography. I believe that is a great tool for any photographer to have along with their main camera. If you ever come across a situation where its more economical or time smart to take a picture with a cell phone – do it! 🙂

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  1. I like the way you were so gentle with the post-processing. Too many people make too much use of saturation and other crude methods in an attempt to ‘improve’ their images. Thank you! Your iris looks lovely.

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