I forgot my camera – On purpose

cameraWhen in doubt, just bring it

The photo above was taken with a cell phone camera. I decided not to bring my camera on a fishing date with my husband on this particular day. In my mind, the lighting was terrible and rain was in the forecast. None of my equipment is weather-proof so after thinking about it for about five minutes, I came to the conclusion that I will just enjoy the fishing experience and not take any photos. There probably wouldn’t be any photogenic opportunities anyway. WRONG! I cannot tell you how many times I begin to regret my decision and kick myself for not bringing my camera with me. I must admit this was one of the biggest mistakes I have made on my photography journey to date.

The Scene

When we arrived the sky was of course overcast and I began to think I made the right decision. After about fifteen minutes into fishing I noticed a Great Blue Heron on the other side of the lake. I thought to myself, oh well, the lens I wanted to bring wouldn’t have been able to capture that anyway. Then, it got closer. After a few minutes it got closer again. After that it began to catch fish. While looking at it feed, I thought to myself this would have been a terrific photo opportunity to capture. I was really upset with myself at this point.

Then it got worse. Through out the few hours that we continued to fish it began to fly over the water. Not only that, there were three other Great Blue Herons that were in that same vicinity as well! There were multiple times where there were a pair flying over the lake side by side; a few feet above the water. Another fantastic opportunity missed. I must say that as I am telling you my experience I am kicking myself once again for not bringing my camera. They continued to fly back and forth over the water through out the day as well as feed on the shore line.

The camera

In such frustration and determination to capture some kind of photo, I pulled out my cell phone and captured the photo above. You can (barely) see the Great Blue Heron in the bottom right of the photo next to the cement block. There is not much more to the camera other than making sure the horizon was level and  just pressing the button..

On a final note

Looking back on this experience, I could have easily brought my camera and left it in the car. I underestimated the subject as well as the weather. If it did rain and I had my camera out, I could have easily put it in a trash bag and put it in the car. I regret not having my camera with me that day. On the bright side, this was a lesson learned and I know next time what could happen if I decide not to bring my camera.

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  1. How many times did I experience the same regret of leaving my camera at home thinking there will be nothing worth shooting! One has to look very hard to see the blue heron on your cell phone photo. Have a great weekend!

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