Orange Sky


Beautiful Evening

I am always amazed at how much the sky changes and its beautiful display during different times of the day. The photo above was taken right in my backyard after  a stressful day at work. During the drive home, I didn’t notice these particular colors in the sky at the time. However, after settling in and walking past the window the bright orange display caught the corner of my eye and I was in awe. After realizing I only had moments to spare, I quickly grabbed my camera and attempted to snap the photo. However, my battery was dead! That is why I always have a battery backup that is charged at all times. I frantically grabbed the spare battery, popped it in and captured the photo.

Scene and Camera

As you can see in the photo there are a lot of dark tones. Mostly the silhouette of the trees. I could have adjusted the exposure to try to capture the details in the trees but I did not. I wanted the main focus to be on the color of the sky and the texture of the clouds. To get that, I put the cameras light meter on the sky and adjusted the exposure. If I had put the cameras light meter on the trees, it would have given me the correct exposure for the trees and completely blown out the sky. There is a way to expose for both by bracketing. However, I did not have the time or my tripod near. The sun was quickly setting and I would have lost valuable light and time trying to set up the equipment.

The silhouette consists of hills and houses and it was my intent to capture as little of that as possible. However, I wanted to include enough of it to create a nice contrast and a sense of size between the sky and land. The time it took me to take this photo (as well as switch the batteries) was about five minutes. If you have ever photographed a sunset, every second counts and I will admit that the lighting in this photo is very different from the lighting and coloring I had originally seen when I walked up to the window. There were hints of purple, pink, as well as orange in the sky. Over the course of that five minutes, it changed to just orange. That is OK because I am still satisfied with what I captured.

On a final note

I must admit that seeing this after work was exactly what I needed. It had been such a stressful day and this was a great addition to the night time cup of tea that I was about to enjoy. The best part is that I only had to take a few steps to enjoy it. I love how nature can find a way to calm your nerves. After I captured the photo, I took a seat in front of the window and relaxed some more until the sky turned a dark navy blue. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfectly timed gift from nature than that moment on that day.

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  1. Great photo capturing the blazing sky of the sunset! My first thought when you mention your stressful day was that you will find time for relaxation as soon as you take your camera out. And so it was!

  2. Caption: When the sky on fire is exactly what you need to see–in a good way!
    We’ve been treated to some gorgeous sunsets lately. Glad you captured it, like a grasshopper for us ants!

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