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It’s so nice to reminisce about the past. When it was bright and green outside. Don’t get me wrong, the transition to winter can be a beautiful spectacle as well. However, there is something about being surrounded by lush green foliage and bright blue skies that put me in a sense of peace. There are certain days during the later part of the year that just seem so gloomy and dismal. That is one of the perks of having a hobby such as photography. You can always “flip” back to the days when the earth looked like earth.

Scene and Camera

This particular scene was captured during a nice outing with my husband. It was so beautiful outside how could you pass up the opportunity to get out and enjoy it. I was drawn to the elements in this photo before I even snapped the picture. The clouds (or airplane exhaust) in the rich blue sky gave it more character. Paired with the green trees and the leading line of the path that leads you away gave the scene a lot of depth. There were a few distractions to the left and right of the scene. With a bit of cropping in post processing I was able to just have the elements that I wanted in the photo.

The camera settings were fairly simple for this photo. I used a low ISO because it was so bright outside. Then I paired that with a narrow aperture to gain the maximum depth of field so that the entire scene was in focus. There was no need to freeze action because there was no wind blowing or animals in the picture. In that case, I used the shutter speed based on the settings that were already in place. According to my cameras light meter, that would give me the correct exposure. Leveling the camera was done by the internal leveling mechanism. Since this scene was on a major slope, there was no way for me to get a completely flat and straight horizon line.

On a final note

Looking back at this photo brings back nice memories of warmer weather and the freedom to just be able to walk out of the door with flip-flops on. It also give me something to look forward to after we go through this cold and dark winter that is about to be set upon us. It’s always nice to have memories to look back on and appreciate the warmer months even more. I encourage everyone to capture as many images as possible during your favorite time of the year. Whether it’s summer, spring, fall, or winter. During the times of the year when it’s your least favorite be sure to pull out those images and reminisce on the good days!

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  1. With regard to looking back to summer with a fair degree of nostalgia we seem to be on the same wave length. I tend to publish summer images on Flickr long after this bright and cheerful season is over.

    • Yes, I’ve decided to do something g different this year on my blog. Last year I made seasonal posts. Maybe in summer time I’ll post Autumn pics. Lol. But for now, I do enjoy looking back.

  2. I love green, too. But the beauty of autumn with its changing colors can’t be denied!
    Check out
    I’ll post our home in autumn there. So much to capture!

    • No it sure can’t. It’s absolutely beautiful. Depending on where you live; Some climates do not experience the same color change in foliage as others.

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