Puzzle pieces – Macro


When it’s gloomy outside

This photo could serve two purposes for when it’s not so nice outside and you are stuck inside. Breakout the 1000 piece puzzle and your camera! I was experimenting with a new camera toy – closeup macro filter set. I was attempting to experiment to find out if it would be more economical to carry around a macro filter set instead of carrying an extra lens specifically for macro. For those that are unfamiliar with what a macro filter set is, it basically a filter that you screw on to the front of your lens. It comes in different strengths of magnification; +1, +2, +4 & +10. Each manufacturer can create different magnification levels. One ones listed above are what came in my set.

The Scene and Camera

The puzzle pieces were taken on a wooden table in front of a window on an overcast day. I had my tripod nearby so I set up the camera and a regular lens with the macro filter attached. It was impossible to use a fast shutter speed with the low lighting so a tripod was necessary. Using a high ISO would make the picture too grainy for my liking.

When taking macro or close up shots one of the rules that I like to follow is to have the front of the scene in focus while the back is out of focus. This is only the case when everything In tHe image isn’t possible to remain in focus. However, when using the macro filter, i found it hard to stick to this rule. In that case, I ended up doing the opposite and being just fine with it. The subjects were puzzle pieces. If it had been a flower or some type of insect, I would not be happy with the front of the image being out of focus.

It all depends on your preference. Although I do believe in “rules” when it comes to some aspects of photography, it doesn’t mean I always have to follow them. Especially when I am satisfied with the way a photo turned out.

On a final note

After comparing the use of the macro filter lens, I came to the conclusion that I would much rather bring a dedicated macro lens with me when venturing out. It does the job right the first time and I do not need a tripod for most of the shots. I am not giving up on the macro filter just yet though. I think in certain instances it can prove to come in handy.


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