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Finding the good, with mixed feelings

I have stated in previous blogs that I have mixed feelings about the zoo. I am appreciative of the fact that there is a facility to experience natures wild animals up close while remaining safe. An added bonus is that people of all ages can enjoy as a family or solo. However, the downside that I find a bit hard to ignore is that these wild and precious animals are caged up and put on display. Some may never get to experience the freedom of running wild.

There are a lot of instances where some animals are better off in a zoo or special facility because they will not be able to survive in the wild.  Even though my favorite animal is the Elephant; I can never come to grips with them being so large and massive in such an enclosed space. You can see, my feelings are very mixed. However, I still find myself going at least once every 5 or so years.

Looking on the bright side

Another wonderful thing about the zoo is not just the animals, it’s the architecture and plants! The picture above was taken at a local zoo during its non-busy hour. I happened to notice the lovely pattern that this overhang made and the beautiful green foliage surrounding it. I believe that this particular piece is supposed to be surrounds by flowers of some sort. Even without flowers I still think it was beautiful just the same.

For this shot I used a very low ISO and narrow aperture because there was more than enough natural sunlight to capture a nice exposure. I wanted to center the picture as straight as possible because of the leading lines taking you back further into the picture. It was a bit tricky to get it centered and leveled just right. Due to the fact that I didn’t have much time before people started passing through. I believe that the contrast between the sunlight and lines create a lot of depth to the photo.

In that case I made sure I zoomed out and snapped the photo. Later in post processing I cropped, centered, and leveled the picture. I find myself resorting with this technique when I am without a tripod and/or short on time when taking the photo. I did not have my tripod on that day because it was a quick trip to the zoo then off to somewhere else.

On a final note

There are plenty of things to photograph at the zoo. When ever I go, I attempt to make it a habit to appreciate the finer details that make the facility much more pleasant (for me). I am glad that I was able to capture this photo free of people and any other distractions. I look forward to seeing what it looks like when it is full flowers and other beautiful decorations.

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  1. Zoos do have their good and bad points, I agree. Yet, as you know, we go to many zoos. As my health is getting worse, I am still able to watch the many birds and the other animals. Many zoos do try to preserve species close to extinction, and in time, some of the new generations are released into the wild to help increase their populations. Also, some of the animals have been injured to where, if they were returned to the wild, they would soon die Those are some of the pluses, yet, like you, I feel bad for the ones that were taken away from the home territories and placed on “display.”
    Also, I do enjoy the fantastic landscaping that many zoos have. I love those monkeys on your bridge and the bridge..

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