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Among the living…

I came across this tree during a hike at a local state park one evening and couldn’t help but capture a photo. I must admit that this dead tree wasn’t an eye sore for me. It was actually artistically beautiful. It’s not often that you get to see the entire root system of a tree. It was as if this was a work of art.

The Scene and Camera

The root system of the tree stretched really far; so a wide-angle lens was needed in order to capture the outstretched roots. I’m not sure what the flowers in front of the roots were but I made sure to include them in the composition. To me, it was a unique take on liveliness of the flowers and the lack there of in the root system. It also gave a sense of size and depth to the picture.

I used a narrow aperture to ensure that I gained the maximum depth of field. This made sure that the entire root system was in focus; as well as the foreground. I had an in inclination to make the photo a black and white image. It would have still been nice. However, I wanted to keep it in color because I was drawn to the contrast between the lively green foliage and the rotting of the roots. As I always say, its all about personal preference! Thanks to the beauty of technology, I could always change the image depending on my mood.

On a final note

This was my first time ever coming across a tree that had been tipped over for some time. I have seen hurricane damage before and over turned trees are a big part of cleanup. However, to come across a tree that had been in this state for quite some time was mesmerizing. It did scare me a bit when I first noticed it but that feeling vanished after s few seconds of admiring the beauty.

I’m glad I was able to capture this photo of the over turned tree. I haven’t been back there in a while and I often wonder if it is still there. I guess that is another perk of photographing what you see. You never know when you will be able to return to the same spot and obtain the same results.

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  1. Where I live, wind storms are quite frequent. Old trees with rotten root systems are toppled over and their exposed roots create bizarre and artistic shapes. You would have a great time capturing more images. Thanks for the picture and the lesson, which I always read with great interest.

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