Black & White – Landscape

Black & White

It’s always nice to switch it up a bit

The photo above was taken at a nearby state park on one of their historic trails. It was quite a long trail with very few scenic photo moments. We happened to come to a clearing and I decided to snap a photo. I will admit that this photo almost ended up on the scrap room floor until I tried s new technique. Lately, I have been giving my “scrap” photos a second chance before I delete them for ever from my hard drive.

The Scene and Camera

The Scene

I have found that my most favorite subject to photograph in nature photography is landscape. It always changes and its very rare you can return to the same spot and capture the same photo. Each photo is always unique. I especially love capturing the sky. I could go on for days about the beauty of the sky but I will leave that for another post.

The reason why I wanted to scrap this photo is because of the lack of color ranges. The original photo had a plethora of green that completely overtook the photo and resulted in an unattractive image (to me). If there were more colors such as flowers or animals in the scene, it would have made a big difference. However, since that wasn’t the case, it was time to get creative and see what could be done. A photo lacking depth and other elements was not something I intend to keep.

The Camera

The camera settings were on my standard settings. Moderately fast shutter speed, normal range aperture, and auto ISO. I used a somewhat fast shutter speed because there were mosquitos out and the more you moved, the more they left you alone. However, when you stopped, you were dinner. It was important for me to quickly snap the photo and keep moving. There wasn’t much room to create different compositions because we were stuck on the trail. Everything was mostly woods and unable to be walked through.  So this was the only composition that I could capture. I was particularity interested in including the lines of the trail in the photo. It seems to draw you back further into the picture. I will note that it was an extremely long trail!

Black & White

As you can tell, the results from the picture above were produced in post processing. One of the techniques I use is to turn a picture to black & white then play with the different contrasts and hues sliders in Lightroom. That is exactly what I did. I found that increasing the sharpness really brought out a dramatic element in the scene, especially the clouds. Black & white photos can have various effects on the mood of the photo. In my opinion, most black & white photos tend to portray a solemn scene. My eye is not immediately drawn to anything in particular because everything is in black & white.

On a final note

Sometimes when a photo doesn’t come out the way you expected, try different techniques in post processing. There are many photographers that do not use post processing and I was one of them for a quite some time. It wasn’t until I grew tired of scrapping photos and was curious about what alterations could be done to make it more artistic and interesting.

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