Krazy Kactus – Blue


It’s the Krazy Kactus again!

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     House plants aren’t just for sitting and looking pretty. They are wonderful well behaved photo subjects as well. I do not have many houseplants because I lack the ability to keep them alive. However, a kactus is a wonderful way to begin the “training process” on keeping them alive. They are extremely low maintenance and come in all kinds of shapes and colors. I would like to make a disclaimer. Please be careful when choosing the type of plant to bring into your home. In my case, a cactus can pose a potential danger to children and pets if left in the wrong place. The species of kactus I purchased is not as dangerous as others on the market. However, please exercise caution when picking your plants.

     When photographing plants make sure they are visually healthy as well as taken care of. Unless your photographic intent is to capture a decaying plant. If it is then carry on. If you don’t have the time or patience to take care of a houseplant – even the easy ones, I suggest you purchase a silk plant. Silk plants are great to photograph because their smooth texture closely resembles the real thing. I have attempted to photograph a fake plant that wasn’t silk and the results were disastrous. When doing a close up shot, you could clearly see the threading and every single piece of glue and stitch. It was very unappealing. Unless you would like to obtain the real life looking results post processing, I say stick with real or silk plants. I think that this is a wonderful photo project not only for practice but to keep your camera “warm” during those days when going outside is not an option.

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