In search of shade

Take a seat beneath the tree

The picture above was taken on a very warm, bright, and sunny day. I had been tagging along for a day of golfing and happened to notice this particular scene. It is always nice to find a nice shady spot with beautiful scenery to enjoy the sounds of nature. It is even better when you have the right camera and lens combination.

The Scene and Camera


This spot in particular was very new to me and I happened to notice it when i decided to take a solo stroll and find some much-needed shade. It had been a bit warm and the sun was at high beam. I noticed the pond first and as I accessed the area I noticed that there were some logs sitting nearby. I thought that this would be perfect for a foreground element. The shade also provided another nice contrast to the photo.

The camera

My wide-angle lens came in very handy for this shot.  I wanted to capture as much of the pond as possible. Being that the pond was very important to me, a narrow aperture was needed as well to gain the maximum depth of field. There was plenty of light in the scene so a low ISO of 100 was used as well. I did not want to capture movement in the trees so a moderate shutter speed was used.

I attempted to scout other areas to try to capture a different composition but the results did not come out like the photo above. After a few tries, I came to the conclusion that this composition was it. It is very rare that I capture a composition that I am happy with on the first try. However, it never hurts to attempt to try other ones if I have time.

On a final note

This was a fairly easy photo to capture. I feel as if I could have captured the same scene with a point and shoot camera as well. However, the quality wouldn’t be anywhere near where I would like. Even though the lake was my initial subject of the photo, I feel like the logs have become my favorite part of the photo. They seem to give the photo a sense of depth and add a unique element as well. I have not been back to this spot after I took the photo and I doubt that it still looks the same. If I am in the area again and in much need of shade, I have a special spot to seek out. That is why I make it a point to try to always carry some type of camera with me; for moments such as this.

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