Walking Chicken 

chickenLooks like, sounds like, walks like….

It’s always surprising to see wildlife in places where you don’t usually see them. I live in a mix of both rural and city (depending on which way you drive) so chickens are not that common to run into on a daily basis. The funny thing was that this chicken was not alone. Instead she was with her gal pals grazing and taking a nice stroll.  She didn’t seem to afraid of my pretense but she did keep her eye on me. I did not approach too closely.

The Camera

This was a quick photo to take because chickens are not solitary animals; At least not the ones I’ve seen. I had my medium telephoto range lens, the 70-300mm attached. When I’m not using the camera, I usually set it to a “standard” setting in manual mode. The settings usually are 1/500 sec, f/8 and auto-ISO. The shutter speed is fast enough to catch a still or moderately moving subject. The aperture is narrow enough to gain a depth of field to keep the subject in focus and for the auto focus to lock on faster. Lastly, the ISO is on automatic just in case I am photographing a subject with a dark background or the natural lighting changes from sunny to overcast in a matter of seconds.

I feel that  these setting will allow me to quickly grab the camera and snap a photo without fidgeting with settings. After I capture the photo I quickly, I look at the back display and go from there.
As I mentioned above, I don’t usually come across chickens on a daily basis. However I did return to the same spot a few times and did not see any of them around after the day I took this photo. It was nice to be able to photograph this chicken going about its daily activities outside of a farm.

On a final note

The photo above was very random. It was a chance encounter and my “standard” settings helped me quickly capture the moment. The encounter only lasted for a total of about five minutes. After that, the chickens disappeared into the woods, never to be seen (by me) again. It is always nice to see wild animals in their natural habitat. I know that most people only see chickens on farms or in cages. I have encountered both and I can definitely tell the difference in their demeanor. I couldn’t see myself photographing a chicken in a cage. Or any animal for that matter. There are some instances I will photograph an animal in a cage. However, it’s quite rare that I do so.

As I said before in my posts, please be sure to use caution when photographing wildlife of any type and size. Notice their behavior and back off when they appear to be uncomfortable with your presence.


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  1. Chickens! Feral? Wild? Gotta love it. As my family story goes I imprinted on chickens as a young child since there were no other children anywhere else for me to play with. And what a time I had with them. So naturally when I grew up and had space I raised chickens. Such fun. And clever (as birds go) … tho’ leghorns are in a category all their own. Lovely pic — thanks for the memories. 🙂

    • Animals make the best of friends, doesn’t matter what type. I’m glad you were able to reminiscence about your childhood with the chickens. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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