Lurking Turkey – at the nature preserve


What is that?

I happen to come across this turkey by accident while on a hike at a nearby nature preserve. I was on my way back to the beginning of the nature trail when I heard something moving in the bushes. When I looked through an open spot in the woods , there it was; the lurking turkey.

The Scene and Camera


Wild turkeys are in great abundance in the area where I decided  to hike. However, I only came across this one during my day trip to the nature preserve. This particular part of the nature preserve was very far back and deep into the woods. A perfect place for lurking. It is also a perfect spot for wild hogs, deer, and groundhogs.


I was fairly close to the turkey and only needed a 90mm lens. I wasn’t to concerned about switching lenses for a closer shot because by the time I installed the new lens, the turkey would have been gone. The 90mm was just fine. I used auto focus and an ISO of 600. It was quite dark in the woods because of the trees blocking out the sunlight. I also used a narrow aperture so that I could get the maximum depth of field and have most of the Scene in focus.

It was important to make sure to point the focus box in the camera on the turkey. This would ensure  that the turkey would remain in focus just in in case other elements of the photo were in focus.

The turkey did hear the sound of my shutter a few times and perked it’s head. However since I was behind a lot of shrubbery, it was unable to locate me. I bet if it did see me, it would have moved swiftly deeper into the woods.

On a Final note

There are so many wonderful subjects to photograph at a nature preserve. They can range from large subjects such as deer. To smaller subjects such as insects and moss. I can almost guarantee capturing a nice photo during my day trips to the nature preserve. I’m never disappointed; as long as I have the right equipment.

I wanted to end with sharing a few tips in regard to photographing at a nature preserve. As I mentioned in previous posts, when ever you approach an animal (large or small) please use caution. Take the time to notice their behavior and if they are on alert or in stress because of your presence. If so, please disregard the need to capture a photo and head safely in the other direction while keeping an eye on the animal.

Be sure to dress appropriately, the picture above was taken during the warmer months of the year. I still wore comfortable but breathable pants because of the tall shrubbery and insects that were in the area. I also wore comfortable shoes and thick socks. Be sure to carry a cell phone and a bottle of water as well. Lastly, one of the most important things you can do when hiking or going out on a nature trail is to let someone you know ( or several people) know where you are going and when you plan to be back.

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