Geese Gathering 

geeseGeese Gathering

Geese are such peaceful creatures in my opinion. I happen to come up on this flock of geese snacking and napping at a nearby pond. I made sure I did not approach them closely or too quickly because I did not want to disrupt their peaceful gathering. Through out my journey in photography,  I have learned that no mater what good intentions you may have, geese will still move away from you; Even collectively as a group.

I didn’t stick around to long because I had things to do but I was glad hat I had my mid range telephoto lens with me. The 70-300mm allowed me to stay a reasonable distance away from the geese while caption the photo.

I will admit that I would have preferred to get a little closer and lower shot but as I mentioned above, they were in a state of peace and relaxation and I did not want to disrupt that. However, I am glad that I was able to get my all time favorite tree in the picture; the Willow.

The Scene and Camera

The Scene

I noticed the geese from quite a distance away. The sun was hidden behind the clouds which created a natural diffusion of light. They were all gathered in the same spot so that was the perfect opportunity to capture a photo before they all scattered about. I have always encounter geese in flocks in this manner. Rarely do I see them separated or just one lone geese. They are usually found around water or a large mass of grass.

The Camera

I used a 70-300mm Lens for this photo. I zoomed at the maximum focal length so I could fill the frame with the geese. Then , I set the aperture to f/11 and ISO to 250. The shutter speed was a bit high because I did not want to capture the movement of the willow tree in the background. I ended up just using the first composure because I started to notice that the geese were beginning to pay more attention to me instead of relaxing. That was my signal to move along and let then go on about their day.

On a final note

There was a feature on my camera that allowed for a more silent shutter click. However, I doubt that would have made a difference in their reaction to my prolonged presence. I was glad to experience such a peaceful gathering in the late afternoon. I know that I will encounter plenty more in the future because of the area I currently reside.

**Reminder when photographing wildlife: I encourage all of you to be respectful and notice when an animals alert status changes because of your presence. Some animals such as geese, will most likely move away from you. On the other hand, there are some animals that see your presence as a threat and will attack. Please use caution under all circumstances.


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