Sunset at the Golf Course – No Camera

Orange lit sky

The photo above was such a nice capture after a long, tiring, and eventful day. I took this photo at a major golfing championship right at the end of the day as we were leaving to go home. Before the event, I called ahead to see if I was allowed to bring my camera. Unlike everyone else, I wanted to photograph the landscape and not the players. The public affairs representative informed me that no cameras of any type were allowed during the championship. I was extremely unhappy but it was their facility and event; there was nothing I could do. Except host my own championship and allow cameras but that seemed a bit unreasonable at the time.

I didn’t bring my camera because for one, I wasn’t allowed, and two I didn’t want to chance being kicked out it the event without a refund. Surprisingly, I managed to go the whole event without my camera. I will say that I was a bit bothered by the amount of people who disregarded the rules and brought their cameras and recording devices. There were a couple of instances where I did see security tell them to stop. However, after they walked away, the cameras appeared again.

This was my second time attending a championship. The first was in Florida and we were allowed to have cameras. I made sure to wear comfy shoes but I must say going to these events is the most fastest slowest experience I’ve ever had. It’s a “hurry up and wait” type of experience.

The camera

As I said above no cameras were allowed during the event. The one camera that I always have in hand is my cell phone. That’s right, the photo above was taken with my cell phone! I have absolutely no shame in using what ever tool I have; As long as I capture the image I envisioned. I made sure to hold the camera in landscape mode and lined the horizon as straight as possible. Since cell phones are a point and shoot type of camera, there was nothing else I needed to adjust. Fairly easy and simple.

On a final note

The landscaping was impeccable and if I were to bring my camera, I would have most likely gotten lost somewhere away from the players and crowd. I understand that they didn’t want people to bring camera for various reasons. The most important one is that they did not want shutters, clicks, and other noises going off while the players were trying to concentrate. I respect that and I think that is a justified reason to ban cameras. I’m glad that I can look back on this photo after the event and on my way back to the shuttle to remember what a nice time I had and what a wonderful nights rest I had as well because I was dog tired when we arrived home that night.

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