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shutterThe power of a higher shutter speed

I am overjoyed about the weather being so nice, bearable and beautiful lately. The photo above was taken during a drive to go fishing at a new location. Being that I have never been to that part of the town, I decided to carry my camera along just in case I spotted something unique to capture. I am glad I did. Otherwise I would have missed out on being a piece of the new adventure back home with me.

The Scene and camera


As I said before, this was an area that I had never been to before. I am more of a country landscape lover than cityscape lover. On a side note, I do love living near the city. The area I currently reside has a good mix of both country and city. Believe it or not, this photo was taking while sitting in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle; hence the need for a fast shutter speed.

This piece of land was located along a major highway so it was impossible to safely get out or stop the vehicle to capture the photo. I love taking pictures, however, putting my life in danger is not worth any photo in my opinion. In my previous post, I noted on the fact of practicing my photography skills such as knowing how to use a fast shutter speed. Being at the golfing range that day prepared me for this photo.


I noticed that this land stretched pretty far and took out my camera and the first thing I adjusted was my shutter speed. I set the ISO to 250 and used a narrow aperture to gain the maximum depth of field so the entire scene would be in focus.Then I pressed down lightly on the shutter button to auto focus and snapped the photo.

Being that I was in a moving vehicle, I was unable to select a proper foreground element to add depth to the photo. That being the case, I decided to add more of the sky and clouds to the photo. Also, if I did try to capture a foreground element you would notice extreme movement in the foreground  of the photo because objects closer to me would move faster that the objects further away.

The composition of a scene in my opinion is more of a personal preference rather than “following the rules”.

On a final note

Using a fast shutter speed can be a life saver when you are in a hurry to capture the photo you want. Especially without having the time to sit and properly take the photo. That is what happened in my case. When ever I look at this photo, I wouldn’t mind being able to stroll around and sit under one of those trees and relax, taking in the nice scenery. Whenever you are driving along the highway, I encourage you to take some time to notice the scenery and really enjoy the drive to your destination.

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  1. For those photographers among us who cannot control the shutter speed a way around this problem is to increase the ISO setting to force the camera into an acceptable speed for taking pictures in a moving car. Nice shot of a beautiful countryside!

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