A peaceful hike


Seen in the Woods

I took the photo above during a nature hike at a local Audubon Society (Nature Preserve). My intent was to photograph birds during the hike but after about an hour into the adventure I decided to switch from a super telephoto to a macro lens. I have developed a habit of bringing a macro lens when ever I venture out to photograph with a telephoto lens. Just in case I am not able to photograph my intended subject, I can always switch and take a closer look at the scene around me.

The Scene and Camera

The Scene

After travailing far into the woods along a rugged dirt path for about an hour without photographing and wildlife I switched to my Tamron 90mm macro lens. I had a backpack that is specifically designed to carry camera gear which made the switch simple. Instead of continuing to look up, I decided to focus on what was around me on the ground.

There were a lot of downed and rotting trees with beautiful moss growing on them in unique patterns. Also, among the downed trees were tons of insects :-/ ;  I made sure to avoid those.

I happened to come across this leaf resting on a rotting log with just enough sunshine lighting it in all the right places.

The Camera

I used a wide open aperture because of the low lighting in the woods, a wide aperture, and high ISO and fast shutter speed. I used a fast shutter speed for two reasons. 1.) there were a lot of bugs buzzing around 2.) I had to keep it moving a long the trail. Using a fast shutter speed allowed me to reduce the camera shake and capture the photo quickly. The wide open aperture allowed me to blur the background  and focused on the lead, moss, and log. I know it wasn’t the best shooting situation but it was an image that I wanted to capture so I did it the best way I could.

On a final note

Aside from not being able to photograph my intended subject, I am happy that I walked away with this photo. My habit of taking a different lens worked out to my advantage as well. Above all, I really enjoyed being out and enjoying the fresh air, enjoying the scenery, and the sounds of nature. The only thing that I can say I didn’t enjoy were the insects and snakes.


*On a side note: When changing lenses in an outdoor environment always make sure that the wind has settled and there is not visible floating particles in the air. There is always a chance that microscopic particles can attach to the sensor. That is why it is best to make sure the camera is turned off  (for about 1 minute) before switching the lens. This will reduce the amount of static electricity on the sensor so particles will not easily gravitate to it.

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