The Peaceful and Graceful Willow Tree

willow tree
My Favorite of all the trees

My favorite tree of all trees is the wonderful, peaceful, and grateful Willow tree. I have loved this species of tree since my childhood. I am especially drawn to its flowing branches that sway gracefully in the wind. When ever I have the opportunity my favorite thing to do is to grab a blanket, find a nice spot under the tree and lay underneath looking up through the branches toward a bright blue sky.

Going back to my childhood even further, one of my favorite characters in a Disney movie was in fact a willow tree; in the movie Pocahontas. Rightfully, her name is Grandmother Willow.

The Scene and Camera

While I was out enjoying the nice weather I opted to just bring a wide-angle lens. I used a narrow aperture to make sure the entire tree was in focus as well as some of the background. Even though there wasn’t much going on in the background I wanted to include as much of the pretty bright blue sky as possible. I felt that it created a nice contrast to the green in the willow tree.

The ISO was set to 100 because there was more than enough lighting in the scene. I used a moderate shutter speed because I was not looking to capture movement of the branches in the photo. It would have been nice to have the tools and time to capture some movement. That may be my next photo project.

The Scene

This was a chance encounter because I had no idea that the willow tree existed at this location. It’s always nice to stumble upon beautiful elements in nature by surprise. As I walked toward the willow tree I noticed a patch of purple flowers. I thought this would be a nice addition to the foregrounds of the photo; Adding a pop of purple to the blue and green in the scene.

I often try to include something in the foreground when photographing g wide-angle scenes. However, if I cannot find anything, I will not give up on the photo.

On a Final note

It was such a nice surprise to run into my favorite tree that day. Not only did I run into it I had the right camera, lens, and perfect weather! It would have been perfect to have a blanket and some extra time to settle under the tree and enjoy its company. I’m not going to complain though because I am satisfied with what I walked away with in the end. I encourage everyone to find a nice willow tree on a beautiful day, grab a blanket and take the time out to enjoy its presence and breath in the fresh air. I hope that you find that experience as pleasurable as I have in the past!

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  1. The willow happens to be my favorite tree as well, I guess because it keeps its leaves the longest in the fall. Thank you for another great post on photography!

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