A stroll in the woods

Following the golden lit path

It is always nice to be able to take a walk outside and enjoy the breeze, warm weather, and fresh air. That is exactly what I was able to do in the photo above. The weather was just right. Late evening (or golden hour). This particular lighting creates a nice warm essence to the photo. I am not one to always go out of my way to make sure that I only capture photos during that time. However it is always nice to have that soft warm lighting to enhance a scene and make capturing the moment more special. There are many tools available to help make sure that you arrive at a particular spot at just the right time to capture the perfect golden hour lighting. I have yet to use these tools but I haven’t ruled them out from using them in the future.

The Camera and scene

For the picture above I decided to use a wide-angle lens. A narrow aperture was necessary to ensure that the entire scene was in focus. Another added benefit of having a narrow aperture is getting the “starburst” effect with the sun.  I did not use a tripod because I was traveling light that day.

I decided to photograph this particular scene because of the angle of the trees that are leading away from the picture with a tiny opening at the end. Since there was an abundance of shadows in the picture I decided to stack different exposures in post processing. That way, I could still capture details in the sky, trees, and ground. Adjusting the shadows and highlights allowed me to find a balance to make the scene appear as it did in person.

There were many hills at the location where I captured the picture; Capturing a perfectly straight horizon was not possible. However, when that is the case I find that it’s necessary to have the other elements in the photo as horizontal or vertical as possible. In this case, that element would be the trees. I also attempted to utilize the rule of thirds when deciding my composure by putting the sun in the upper third of the picture.

 On a final note

I’m glad I was able to capture this photo because about 10 minutes later the sun was further down and the light at the end of the path had dimmed. After capturing the photo it was nice to sit there and enjoy the breeze and listen to the sounds of nature. I only spent about one minute capturing the photo (with multiple exposures).I believe I spent more time in post processing than taking the photo; which wasn’t long either. It was a matter of a few clicks of a button then my picture was ready. Lastly, I’m glad that I was able to spend much more time enjoying the scenery and walked away satisfied and relaxed after doing so.

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Looking for a tool to help capture the golden hour? Click here

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