The lonely mushroom, Look at the smaller things



The fungus Above me

I was out fishing in a nearby lake and noticed this lonely mushroom high above in the tree branches. I thought that it was a unique place for a mushroom to grow because usually see them growing near the ground. The few species of mushrooms that I do see growing on trees grow in more of a shelf-like pattern with out stems. I don’t know much else about wild mushrooms except that it’s best not to experiment and eat them.


The Camera and noticing the smaller things

I was glad to have my Tamron 70-300mm macro lens with me this day. I was on the lookout to capture a few photographs of wildlife and had no intention of looking for fungus – let alone a mushroom high up in the tree.  I had been at the lake for a few hours and didn’t see much wildlife activities that day.

I’ve come to realize that when you set out to photograph something in particular there is a high possibility that you may not get the image that you inversion capturing. That is when it’s time to “spark creativity” and take a look at the small details inside the bigger picture. To begin this process, I sat my camera down and just listened to my surroundings. The only thing I heard was the wind whistling through the trees.

The sound of the wind blowing through the trees prompted me to look up and notice their swaying action. I noticed the details in the bark and other small details. Then I noticed this small white stationary object. When I walked about closer I noticed the lone mushroom.

I zoomed in to 300mm with my lens and used a wide open aperture. The reason I used a wide open aperture is because of the busy background. I wanted to focus on the mushroom and its unique location as much as possible.  The wide aperture allowed for a “blurry” background to accomplish that.
I then used the auto focus feature and set my exposure.

On a final note

After capturing a photo, the critic in me always wished that I had a better camera or a better angle. For the photo above, I do wish that I had my super telephoto lens with me so I could get more of a close up shot. However, I didn’t and that’s OK. I wasn’t to keen on the idea of just giving up on the photo because I had never seen a mushroom grow in this particular fashion before.

With that being said, I’m happy that I decided to capture the moment. I didn’t let the fact that I didn’t have a particular lens deter me. On the other hand, if I had a wide-angle lens, such as a 10-24mm, this shot would have been impossible to capture with the details that I wanted.

So I encourage everyone to take some time to enjoy the smaller things around you. You never know what you may come across – no mater how high or low. 🙂






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