Things are starting to look up

The leaves are coming back!

It has officially been Spring for quite some time in my area, however, from the appearance of things outside it still seems (and feels) like it is late Autumn.

I attempted to take as many Winter photos last year and I am happy with my turn out. Since winter is finally gone, I have realized that it is not my most favorite season to photograph. There are some positives to photographing in the freezing cold such as difference in species appearance, overcast lighting, and testing the limits of my camera.

The Camera

The photo above was fairly simple to take. I had a point and shoot camera with me that day because I didn’t expect to see much and decided to “travel light.” In an attempt to get some fresh (cold) air  I decided to visit a golf course that I had never been to with my husband. While he did the golfing, I took in the scenery around me. It was still bland looking. However, I was so glad to see how the leaves are slowly starting to make their return. I was especially surprised at how they appear much like the Autumn leaves in late November. Those types of leaves aren’t noticeable in the photograph above.

For the shot above I simply did what the camera is designed to do; Point and shoot. Most of the focus went into finding a nice subject to photograph. I opted for this scene because I felt that it portrayed the mood correctly. It was a bit chilly, especially with the wind gusts and quiet. I wasn’t in control of much with the camera in this photo because it was on auto. It was a bit chilly, I had on my gloves and wasn’t looking for an artistic effect for the photo.

Sometimes it is nice to not get to technical and just capture a photo in automatic mode. I know that is not favored by most but it depends on my mood and what I wanted to accomplish that day. It was more important to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

On a final note

I am so glad that it is the end of the cold winter weather in my area. I am glad that I was able to capture some images during the winter I will enjoy later on down the road. It will also remind me of the changes in wild life when the weather turns dismal. Even though it was dismal to me, it was the norm for the all season and winter animals that I photographed. Overall, I believe this is my last photo that captures the last remanence  of the bitter winter that just passed. I am glad to see the leaves making their appearance as well as other subjects in nature. Hopefully my next capture or blog post will show more of what is coming this warm spring and summer seasons.


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