Night time Tea and a quick photo



A soothing Goodnight

Since I captured a unique and sweet moment in my last post, I thought it would only be right to capture a moment in the evening. My night-time routine usually includes a hot cup of tea after dinner just before bedtime. The flavor can change depending on the time of year. For Spring, I usually choose an herbal sweet tea such as raspberry. Autumn, is of course, pumpkin spice. Winter is peppermint and summer is usually an orange flavor tea. However, for this particular night I chose a lavender tea for its calming and soothing effects due to a stressful day I had experienced. I was at my desk working on my computer while drinking this lovely beverage and decided to capture the moment. This is one of the few times in my photography journey that I have used artificial lighting.


The Camera and props

I had my Nikon DSLR sitting on my desk near me and thankfully it had the correct lens attached. For this photo, I decided to use a portrait lens because of the lower aperture I am able to get with it. I took notice of how my desk lamp lighting was cast onto the tea cup and decided to capture the dark quiet moment. I was a bit close to the subject. Being that it was stationary, I quickly did a meter reading and adjusted the settings based on the low aperture I intended to use. The reason I used a lower aperture is because I wanted to blur the background – personal preference. It didn’t take that many frames to capture the photo I envisioned. This was one of the most easiest photos I have taken so far – which it should be because it isn’t wildlife!

My desk is made out of black plexi glass and I thought that it paired well against the white wall. The combination of both elements add simplicity to the photo while highlighting the main subject – tea. I know that it may seem that I am going into detail about such a simple tea cup but I find it delightful when I am able to capture my current mood in a photo. That is one of the biggest reasons why I always have my camera with me.


On a final note

The weather has been looking a bit promising in my area. I am glad that the Spring weather is finally starting to make its appearance again. Even though this cycle happens each year, I always feel like winter lasts so long! During this time of taking photos indoors, I have noticed my eye has been trained to photographically pick up the smallest details. Each time I look at a simple scene, I am eager to capture the moment. This in turn, makes me appreciate the small things such as a cup of tea. I strongly encourage you to look at the little details around you and capture the moment. I find that is wonderful to be able to look at later on down the road and remember my mood at that time.

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