Morning Breakfast – Sweet tooth


Bring on the Cinnamon …and my camera

This is not my usual breakfast but a breakfast snack to calm a sweet tooth craving. I noticed how the lighting was perfectly cast on the display of treats and naturally diffused by a giant cloud that was passing over the sun outside. I thought that it would be a perfect time to capture this photo and have a well-preserved memory before I consumed my breakfast treat.

The camera and props

The props for this photo came naturally as I set out to make something to sooth my breakfast sweet tooth craving. I often have tea in the morning with a dash of honey. I was in the mood for a cinnamon rush this particular morning. My DSLR happened to be nearby for me to snap this quick photo. It was important to have a slower shutter speed while to makes sure I captured as much light as possible. I opted not to increase the ISO because of the dark wooden background. Darker backgrounds with higher a ISO tends to bring out a lot of noise in the picture. I could fix it in post processing but I often try to capture a good photo in camera instead of relying on post processing techniques. I have no problem using post processing to fix images that may have minor details – such as noise.

It was also important that I remain as steady as possible while holding the camera. I brace the back part of my elbows on my chest while holding the camera to my eye. After I have found a comfortable position, I glide my finger over the shutter button. Gliding often reduces some camera shake that could show up in the photo. Having a calm breathing pattern also helps to reduce camera shake. Sometimes it is necessary to take a couple of practice shots with different settings to know what your camera will produce at different settings. I find that viewing the image on the computer allows me to really see the details – including any noise that may appear in the photo.

The set up of my breakfast props was random. However, after I took the photo I noticed that the tea was at the very center. I love drinking my herbal or natural tea early in the morning and a soothing tea just before bed.

On a final note

I still find it very interesting how my eye can pick up a photographic moment. Most of the time, this is done subconsciously. It is always nice to have the camera nearby to capture those quick moments because they can disappear fast. The sun was hidden behind the cloud for about 2 minutes tops. That is why it is important to know the functions of your camera and how to adjust quickly. It has taken quite a bit of time for me to get to that point – with lots of practice of course. I encourage you to take a step back and notice the art of a simple scene, such as breakfast and create a photo!

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