Storm is coming



A storm is brewing

I captured this photo right after I arrived to work one morning. I was very thankful that I did not have to drive in what was about to be unleashed. It was a very interesting ride I must say, as I was expecting to become caught in the traffic and down pour. There aren’t very many storms where I live that produce these types of clouds. There was some part of me that was a bit excited that I had the chance to capture the wrath before the storm.

The camera

I usually carry my camera (or some type of camera) with me everywhere I go. It was no surprise that when I first seen these clouds my first instinct was to capture a photo; Then hurry inside! I used a wide angle lens for this photo and a narrow aperture. I did not have any other lenses with me at the time. The wide angle served its purpose for the time being. Using a narrow aperture to gain the maximum depth of field as well as the details in the clouds was a must. I also had to increase the ISO in order to have a fast shutter speed accompanied by a narrow aperture. If your camera does well with noise, its OK to increase the ISO.

I did not have to take many exposures because I had to clock in on time and I did not want to get caught in the parking lot without my umbrella. I rolled down my window and took about 3 photos at different exposures (stacking). When I arrived home I looked at the photos on the computer and decided to change the photo to a black & white tone. There weren’t many interesting colors to begin with plus the b&w made the photo more dramatic and really brought out the intense storm that was about to come.

The top edge of the car parked next to me is st the bottom of the photo (right).

On a final note

I have not had the chance to come across this type of cloud since capturing this photo. Having a camera with on hand at all times proved to come in handy that day. I was able to capture an image that can never be captured again. I’m sure these clouds will form again sometime in the future. However, I feel like this is a very unique photo because of the patterns I captured that day. It is amazing how the transition from color to black & white made the photo take n its own personality. I wish that I could have saved the before picture so I could post along side the edited version. The next time a storm is brewing, take some time to notice the details in the clouds. You never know what images you will capture that prove to be interesting as well as dramatic.

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