Krazy kactus – Macro


Krazy Colors!

This small “kactus” was purchased at a local hardware store in the garden department. I thought this would be a really cool and interesting addition to my living room. It was about $3.oo. Since I have a few issues with keeping plants alive, this krazy kactus would be perfect. I am not sure how the manufacture/grower developed this plant. The colors range from bright pink, blue, fluorescent green, yellow, and orange. I am quite curious about the process of creating this modified plant. What ever the case, the results produced are interesting as well as beautiful.

The Camera, Props, and Scene

For this photo I used

  • A krazy kactus – magenta
  • natural light from a window during sunset
  • camera and tripod
  • macro lens 90mm
  • shutter remote

I tilted the kactus on a table top in front of a window with  the sunset light shining through the blinds. Tilting the plant provided the light needed to showcase its beautiful colors and texture. I used one of my macro lenses the Tamron 90mm. I set up the camera and tripod and took a few photos from different compositions until I settled on one that pleased me. It was important for to make sure the middle of the kactus was in focus more than the other parts because I feel that is what draws the most attention. There is a technique called focus staking that I could have done but I may save that technique for another subject later on down the road.

I used a narrow aperture because there was enough light being cast by the window onto the plant. Since the subject took up most of the scene, I was not worried about using a wide aperture to make the background blurry – bokeh. The shutter remote came in handy as it allowed me to capture the photo without any evidence of camera shake/blur. The macro lens is not necessary to capture the beauty of this plant any lens would work. As long as the focus and composition please you.

On a final note

I am so fascinated how beautiful plants are let alone, man-made modified plants. This was a fun and interesting photo to capture on a day when it was not so nice outside. The only thing that was photogenic outside that day was the sunlight. I absolutely love how natural light can give a burst of vibrancy to any subject. Especially such a flamboyant subject as this krazy kactus. It is quite easy to take care of, water it a few times a week and keep it clean; that’s it. The kactus has grown quite a bit and has kept its beautiful color. I plan to go back and purchase more colors to decorate other rooms in my home as well. I highly recommend you browse your local flower nursery or garden department – you never know what interesting plants you may find.

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