Kodak Duaflex II – Photography Antique



Going back in the past

This is a Kodak Duaflex II. I acquired this particular “antique” from an auction some time ago. I really love how far photography has come. One can only get more excited for what lies ahead in the future. While I have never used this camera, I still appreciate its beauty and how a simple machine produced the results photographers wanted during its prime. I have been planning to buy film for it but there aren’t any local film developing services and developing it myself would be quite costly and time-consuming at the moment. I do plan to teach myself how to develop film in a dark room when I am retired. For now, I will stick to Lightroom.


The Camera, Props, and Scene

For this photo I used

  • Kodak Duaflex II Camera
  • Camera and tripod
  • Black Plexiglas desk
  • White wall background
  • Natural sunlight from window with blinds closed


The plexiglas desk is the natural location for this particular antique. the desk is mainly used for blogging/family planning. I have various decorative items as well as other antique cameras to “decorate” the area. I feel that having these on my desk inspires me in some way. While I was editing a few photos one day, I looked over and stared that this Duaflex for a few seconds and noticed how it reflected off of the glass and created a beautiful composition. I quickly jumped up, grabbed my camera and tripod (which was nearby) and set up a composition that pleased me.

After viewing form various positions, I decided to capture this antique at the same level instead of shooting standing/from above. I used an aperture and shutter speed based on the available light because I wasn’t going for any “artsy’ or creative vibe. I wanted to capture this older model camera and have it be the center of attention in the photo. My choice to produce a black and white photo was a play on the feeling on nostalgia that I feel from looking at this particular antique camera.

I also chose to use a delayed shutter speed to reduce and evidence of camera shake in the photo. My camera and tripod were right next to my desk and the shutter remote was stored away in an upstairs camera equipment cabinet. I find the delay shutter a nice substitute at times when the remote is unavailable.

On a final note

The person I purchased this from stated that this antique is in perfect working condition. The seller kept it very clean, and well maintained after all of these years. The Kodak Duaflex II can still be purchased online and used till this day. As I said above, I would love to buy film, capture and develop images some time in the future when time permits. For now, I will enjoy this beauty as it sits on my desk and provides inspiration to me when I sit down to blog and edit photos.

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