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Fresh Fruit from the backyard

I have a pear tree that produces wonderful tasty pears each year around August/September. One particular day after picking a few to have for dessert after dinner one night, I decided to capture them in its freshest form. A you can see, these pears would not sell very well in grocery stores because of their appearance, however, I enjoy this little tasty fruit each year. They are quite small so I am glad the tree in my yard is big enough to supply many so I can create wonderful pear creations for about three months. Aside from eating them, I found another use – Photographing them!

The Camera,Props, and Scene

  • For this photo I used three freshly picked pears (any fruit from anywhere would do)
  • Natural sunlight from a window covered with blinds during sunset
  • Camera and tripod
  • A table with a red cloth place mat


While I was out picking the fruit I noticed how warm the light was and how it filled the house through the windows. To take advantage of this, I quickly laid the pears on a table at an angle so all three of them were visible. I chose to include the red place mat because of the contrast in color (red/green). Then I set up my tripod and settled with the composition above because it pleased me. I used a wide open aperture because I wanted the main focus to be the pears and place mat. The wide open aperture created a blurry background.

I snapped a few photos and decided to make the focus point toward the middle pear. Not sure why, but it pleased me at the time so I went with it. Being that it was dinner time/sunset, I only had a few minutes before the light shifted and the entire scene would dramatically change from warm to completely dark. The time spent on this photo took about 10 minutes; From setup to the last capture.

On a final note

It wasn’t my intention to capture a photo of fruit that day – it just happened. While I was out enjoying the evening sunset and breeze I guess my photographers mindset quickly snapped into motion. I then decided to take advantage of the good lighting and a delicious subject – all under a natural setting. There are some that may say that these pears are not the best looking but in my opinion I think the roughness of the skin from being battered by the branches gives them a lot of character.

Photographing these in such a natural state is quite different from my usual route. If I didnt have a pear tree and wanted to photograph pears, I would have went to the grocery store and tried to find the most smoothest and even colored pears in the bunch. However, after photographing these pears, I come to appreciate even more how beautiful homegrown natural fruit can truly be.

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  1. Good point,my dear friend! The fruit in the grocery store is more for looks and doesn’t taste as good as those picked from our own trees. Great photo as always!

  2. The composition, rich colours and low-angled light remind me of a Renaissance painting ‚ÄĒ beautifully done. Isn’t it wonderful when that creative spark takes hold!

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