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Close up moment

This photo was taken when I was about to throw away some old roses that had past their prime. Before I went to put them in the trash I though I would capture the last moment of a beautiful flowers life. It is not uncommon to usually see photos taken when the subject is in its prime; there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, most of the subjects I photograph are during their peak as well. Every now and then I like to mix it up a bit and learn something new in the process. Finding unusual subjects has become a new thing for me. Mainly because the weather has been terrible. I guess that is one good thing that comes out of not having my usual subjects (nature) readily available – I get to practice my close up photography.


Props and Camera

  • For this photo I used
  • An old rose
  • camera w/tripod
  • white cardboard poster
  • Window with closed blinds on an overcast day

Since this was somewhat of a quick shot that I wanted to take, I skipped using the remote shutter. I decided to use the delay shutter instead to reduce camera shake in the photo. I setup the cardboard in an “L” shape so that the rose laid on the cardboard and it produced a white background. After evaluating  the scene I decided on a close up composure that pleased me. I set up the camera and set the delay shutter – two seconds. I decided to use a wide angle lens so that I could get as much of the rose in the photo as possible. At one point, I wanted to just photograph the petals but decided to include the stem as a personal choice.

It is important to make sure the focus is sharp when creating a close up photo. That is why I used auto focus. I tried to use manual focus, however, I found that auto focus produced the best results. On side note, practicing close up photography allows you to really see how sharp of a lens you have. I have noticed that some of my older lenses are not as sharp as they used to be and are no longer suitable for close up photography.

On a final note

This was an interesting experiment to say the least. I really like the way this photo turned out and it is something I wouldn’t mind printing out in a 8×10 size and hanging up as a decorative piece. Even though the subject is not in its prime, I can still see the beauty in the rose. I plan to keep an eye out for other subjects such as this to photograph in the future.

In most cases, I could see myself only taking a photo of this rose when it was a beautiful rosy red.  I believe that subjects that I would normally photograph in their prime would make the best photos when their not in their prime.


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Tokina 12-28mm at 24mm 1/1000 sec f/16


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