Black Swan at the zoo – (Cygnus Atratus)


Reminiscing of warmer days..Beautiful Swan

This photo was taken at a local zoo. There was an open above ground pond area where I spotted these two. I’m not quite certain if the they were mates but their behavior surely exhibited some type of close relationship. This was taken earlier last year around mid summer. Oh, how I MISS SUMMER TIME!!! I am anxiously awaiting the return of warmer weather. In the meantime, I am glad I have my collection of photos to remember and look forward to the warm temperature and sunshine a few months away. It was easy to get a close photo of these two because of the combination of their location and the lens that I used. My main concern was to not disturb them.


Black Swan Behavior (zoo)

It was easy to spot these two because they were located in the middle of an open walking area. There was light shrubbery surrounding the above ground pond that they were swimming in. I assume it was to keep visitors from playing around the edges of the pond. After standing and watching these two for about 5 minutes I notices that they only used a small area (about 3 feet) to swim back and forth along the edge of the pond. Their movements were not only in unison but they were graceful. They swam from left to right in that small area. Both turning at the same time back and forth. It was almost like watching two ballerinas glide along the water. I learned that the black swan is a vegetarian mostly grazing along the bottom of ponds for food and they are also usually in pairs. I tend to have mixed feelings about visiting the zoo (will not go into to much detail) however, I am glad to be able to see animals that I wouldn’t normally see on a regular basis.


The Camera

I used a telephoto lens (macro) for this shot. After taking in the gracefulness of their delightful dance, I raised my camera and begin snapping a few photos. It was extremely bright outside so a fast shutter speed was necessary. There were no other fowl in the water with them so it was easy to lock on focus. Another thing that helped was taking the time to watch their behavior. By doing so, I was able to coordinate the right capture time along with their graceful moves. It was my intention to capture a profile view of both swans.

On a final note

This was my first time seeing a swan in person. I would have rather seen them in the wild however, I am happy that I was able to see them move freely out in the open at the zoo. Since this was my first time encountering a swan, the only advice I can offer is to stop and enjoy their beauty.  I am glad that I took the time out to enjoy them because I doubt that I will ever encounter one in the wild. If I do, I most likely will not have my camera with me (that tends to happen to me when stumbling upon rare creatures) They are truly beautiful and delicate creatures.


Please note: There will not be a “monthly foul-up” post this month

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