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The Winter wonderland as fallen upon us – for me at least. This is what Autumn has been gearing us up for. The transition was a bit easier to handle this year, even though the snow started to fall before schedule. It time for us photographers to take our cameras out and brace the cold to capture that perfect snowy white scene. Although, there are some photographers who prefer to stay indoors during this time; I’m a mix of both. I’m not one to drive out to the middle of no where with my camera to find that perfect scene. However, I do have a list of places that I created earlier this year to visit during the winter after a snowfall. They are local of course and its either my backyard or a place that is about 15 minutes away from it. Which brings me to the photos above. Both were taken right in my backyard.

It should be no surprise that my backyard would be the first place to capture a snowy scene. I encourage all of you to start there first or a place that is very close to it. It’s amazing how the scenery around us can change day by day and season by season. Capturing a photo of the transitions and variations makes me appreciate the wonderful change of display put on by nature.

(Both photos in this post are the same scene – evening and morning)

The camera

As I stated before and as you can see in the picture its a snowy and cold scene. That means a few extra steps were taken when I attempted to create this photo.  I used the exposure compensation feature on my camera to adjust for the snow. The camera reads snow as “light” and tricks the meter to thinking you need to underexposed the scene. If you follow the meter, the snow will turn out to be a grey color. I used the exposure compensation to add 1 stop of light to that the meter would capture the color of the snow correctly. It is possible to fix this in post processing but I have found it better to use the feature mentioned above – (personal preference).

I had a plastic zip lock bag with me to store my camera when I returned from the outside chill so that condensation would not build up inside the lens/camera.  I also used a wide-angle lens pointed in an upward direction. The wide-angle allowed me to include as many of the branches that I possible could. I did zoom in a little bit because the scene became to cluttered when set to the widest focal length. A narrow aperture with a high ISO was also used so I could maintain sharpness and reduce motion blur.

On a final note

It’s a great feeling to be able to walk into your backyard or a natural area near my home and capture natures beauty; Even during harsh conditions. Don’t get me wrong, I will still be shooting my camera during the winter but you will not catch me out in a snow storm trying to capture nature. At that point, nature wins and I wave my white flag and stay home. It’s also helpful to remember these tips when shooting in the winter to help keep your gear and yourself safe

  • Dress in layers
  • Wear gloves with removable finger tips
  • Wear thick water-resistant shoes and thick socks
  • Carry your camera in a zip lock bag when coming from outside into a warm environment
  • Use a clear UV filter on your lens to help prevent snowflakes or other particles from damaging the lens
  • Use a microfiber cloth when cleaning snow or other particles off the lens
  • If your extremities start to feel numb, put down the camera and go to a warm environment!

I hope some of these tips will help you capture some of natures beautiful scenery this winter 🙂


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10-24mm at 14.5mm 1/125sec f/7.1 ISO 200

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