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The sky can prove to be a dramatic symphony or a mellow beat of colors in the evening under the right circumstances. Clouds add a wonderful element to the array of colors as well. In a nutshell, the colors in the sky during sunset are caused by tiny particles changing the direction of light rays. Pollution can also have an effect on the colors seen in the sky. There are times when the weather can have a negative effect on the color in the sky. During those drab moments, I look forward to what the next days sunset will bring.

In my opinion, the scene above is a funny contradiction. It was freezing cold that day but the sky in the background reminds me of a warm summer evening; enjoying the the beach. When I first noticed the sunset, I was walking by the window and could see an orange glow in the corner of my eye. I opened the curtains and looked at the beautiful colors of the pending sunset. At first I was going to take a picture of the sky without any other objects in the scene. On the way to get my camera, I ended up in front of the tree and was amazed by the abstract contrasting colors. This was the scene I was meant to capture!

The Camera

It was my main goal to capture the colors of the sky and the detail of the clouds. In order to silhouette the tree, I metered from the sky and made my adjustments from there.It was hard for the camera to pick up the light. I used a narrow aperture and a slow shutter speed and high ISO. A wide-angle lens is necessary in order to capture the trees branch and all of the colors in the sky. After capturing a few composure I noticed that the sky actually transitioned from blue to orange. After accessing the scene, the sky behind me was completely blue and the sky in front of me was orange.

I position the camera to include the transition to create a much more dramatic contrast in the picture. I used a wide focal point so the entire scene would be in focus. Each object and color in the picture adds a different element to the photo. It is a good thing that I had a wide-angle lens because I would be limited in choosing which composition pleased me.

On a final note

The sky is my favorite go to subject when photographing nature. I include it in scenes of just about every subject in nature and its a nice subject to capture by itself. In this case, it seems like the sky found me. The colors cought my attention when I was focused on something else and I welcomed the break. After I captured my photo, I made a cup of tea, pulled up a chair, sat and enjoyed the last few reamaining minutes of the gift of sunrise. Its funny how nature can somehow force you to sit and appreciate its beauty. I,m glad I took the time out to capture the photo and enjoy the scene afterward!



12-28 at 26mm 1/50sec f/8 ISO 800

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  1. I just want to say that as someone who knows nothing about the technical parts of photography (I’m one of those point and shoot people), I like the “The Camera” sections of your posts. I found this one interesting because I like the impressionist/watercolor feel it gave me.

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