Monthly Foul-up Friday

Perfect doesn’t happen ALL the time, and that’s OK

This is a monthly segment where I showcase the photograph I had high hopes of creating but didn’t quite follow through. I’ll discuss the shooting scene, where I went wrong, what I could have done differently, and my lesson learned.

The Scene

I was walking by the door when I noticed a flock of sparrows getting the morning meal at my bird feeder in my backyard. I glanced down and there he (or she) was – the squirrel. I assume he decided to stop by and catch the fallen black sunflower seeds. The squirrel was out there for a long time, siphoning through the grass gathering and cracking sunflower seeds. I grabbed my camera and attached my telephoto lens to capture a photo before it ran away.

Where I went wrong

The framing of the scene is completely of. As you can see, the ledge of my back porch is in the frame. The bird bath is also in the way. This could easily be fixed but on this day, I was shooting from behind a glass door and if I opened it I risked the chance of scaring the animals away.


What I could have done differently

As I said above, I could have inched the door open and slid through. However, animals have a strong sense of awareness of their surroundings; sight, smell, and hearing. I had an extremely high chance of tripping of one, if not all, of those senses. It was more important that I leave the animals alone and let them enjoy their breakfast. I attempted to wait for about 15 minutes for the squirrel to move up a bit hover it ended up moving down and was completely blocked by the patio railings.

What I learned

It was very tempting to try and sneak out to get a photo but I though about it for about 5 seconds and chose to start behind the glass door. Sometimes it’s just better to leave the animals be and remain completely behind the scenes; even if that means missing a shot.



” I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God’s business.”

-Michael J. Fox

Happy Friday!¬†New post tomorrow!¬†ūüôā


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  1. Squirrels in general are more daring. Knowing where the sunflower seeds were, he (she) would have come back. If the birds know you as food provider, they usually come quickly after the initial scare. I had one bird feeding right off my hand last winter. Happy New Year!

    • That’s true. I guess I may be over thinking it a bit. They definitely know me as a food source around here! Lol! Wow, I would love to get that close and actually hand feed a bird. I think I’ll put that on my list of goals for 2017 ūüėä. Happy New year to you as well!

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