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Taking a closer look

It seems that the weather has not been very picture friendly for the last week or so. My area still seems to be either raining and overcast or just overcast; In both weather situations it’s cold, ugly, and dismal.  I’m looking forward to when the sun starts shining again. However, I may have to wait for quiet some time because the snow will in fact interfere with the sunshine most of the time.

During days like this it’s easy to think that there isn’t an opportunity to make a photograph. In some cases it’s ok to take a break. As for me, I’m not quite ready to put it down this time.

Keep shooting

Another thing that a cold overcast drizzling day will not stop is fishing!  I was at a nearby lake and even the ducks and geese decided to stay in that day. As I was sitting and enjoying the sound of moving water I noticed a large piece of drift wood nearby that had a dry spot.  As I think about it now, I should have taken a picture of the area and a larger photo of the drift wood so you could see just how much I went out of my way to take a closer look. I will be sure to include broader photo the next time I choose to shoot this type of scene.

The camera

This was not a macro shot. Instead, I positioned the camera lens as close to the log as I could while keeping sharp focus. My point was to fill the frame with the texture of the wood and enhance its unique and spontaneous pattern. After making the picture I noticed that the pattern and composition of the picture looks as if it’s a bird’s eye view of a foreign desolate planet. It’s very interesting what the mind can imagine when viewing abstract images. When I look at the photo, I can kind of see Jabba the Hutt or some type of monster like creature (is you turn the picture sideways)

The fun about abstract

Abstract photography concentrates more on shape, texture, pattern and  angles, It is a smaller representation of the entire image and is not often linked to the entire image at all. It is about not knowing or recognizing the subject at all but rather noticing the details mentioned above.

Creating abstract photographs is another option when the larger scene seems so boring and not picture worthy. An up close image of chipped paint, a tree, leaves, water, concrete, or even patterns in a tile floor can prove to make interesting images. I could imagine a photo like this hung on the wall of  a room decorated in black and white furniture.

On a final note

Photography continues to teach me to see the beauty in the most unimaginable places and objects. I would have never thought to take a closer look at a piece of dead wood if it weren’t for my camera. I strongly encourage everyone to experiment with your camera and get close to a un-photogenic object to see what kind of abstract image you can create. For abstract nature photography inspiration, click here


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