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A time for reflecting

It seems as if the weather in my area has me and my camera in some what of a purgatory. Don’t get me wrong, I can always find the beauty in just about every situation but there are those times when, I just don’t get that gut feeling of when its time to capture a photo. That has been my feeling lately. Its been cloudy, rainy, dismal, and dark for the last few weeks now. Even though my camera is at rest, my mind isn’t.

I think about photography 24/7 – its true! I constantly see the world in either a 4×6 or 8×11 frame! Most of the time that is a good thing because it allows me to have a better appreciation of my surroundings. On the other hand, it can be a bit detrimental because I’m focusing on other things such as details, color, composition, when I need to be focused on something more important at the time.


Whats your element

I’ve always gravitated toward nature photography. When ever I tried other types of photography it just didn’t feel right through out the entire photo making process; from finding the subject, creating composition, and post processing. Much like painters, singers, and other artists there are different genres to each form. In photography, the popular genres are:

  • Nature Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Street Photography
  • Portrait Photography

Of course, nature photography had to be number one on the list because it is my favorite, Ill briefly explain the different types of photography.

Brief explanation

Nature Photography – Outdoor photography consisting of landscapes, wildlife, and other natural elements -usually undisturbed. There are different subcategories under nature photography such as , wildlife, close up, waterscapes, cityscapes, skyscapes, macro (insect), weather, and areal photography.

Wedding Photography –  Photographic coverage of the entire events leading up to and/or including the wedding ceremony and post events (human element). These photos can be captured in a building, outdoors, or in a studio. They can also include natural elements or props. Wedding photography usually takes a bit more planning (hair, makeup, location rental, backup camera equipment, dealing with different personalities/attitudes) because each picture has to be perfect for that special day and to ensure moments are not lost due to a bad memory card.

Architectural Photography –  Accurate representation of buildings and other similar structures. This type of photography is more difficult than it may seem because of the vertical lines involved. It is easy for a lens to distort lines of a building – interior and exterior. That is why special equipment and software is necessary in order to capture the true representation of the subject.

Street Photography – photography taken of subjects – (human element)that are unaware they are being photographed usually in a street setting (outdoor). These images are candid representations of society and are usually taken at close range. Its recommended that street photographers zoom with their feet instead of using a long range telephoto lens because a short range telephoto lens or prime lens is more inconspicuous.

Portrait Photography – A photograph capturing the personality of the subject using various lighting techniques, props and poses (human element). These photos can be taken outdoors as well as in a studio. Usually taken with a 35mm lens at close range and the main focal point is the subjects eyes.

On a final note

As with any other art form, it all depends on the artists’ personality. Most people who favor wedding or portrait photography, tend to be outgoing and love interacting with and getting to know different people all the time. While street photographers can remain behind the scene, there are times when they will have to approach their subjects for either permission or explain why they are taking pictures in the first place. This also involves another aspect of being a people person. People who favor nature photography and architectural photography can remain “behind the scenes” and not interact with their subjects. There is not much room for requesting the subject to pose in a special fashion; However, great timing can produce the pose that is the perfect capture.

Nature photography is my favorite because I feel more comfortable using subjects and places that are not built by man and where man is not the main subject of the photo. I see enough people and buildings everyday, so its a nice escape for me to turn my lens to my untouched, unbiased, ever-changing, and beautiful subject – nature.

Each photographer has a special calling to one or multiple areas of photography; I have great respect for all varieties because each one requires a special creative talent to bring out the beauty in the subject.


Spark creativity by capturing the world around you one photo at a time


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  1. It seems that you have the same problem that I do. Trying to find interesting things to take Images of. I, also, like more of Nature photography, besides Images that are Historical. The weather is also a big factor on weather I go out or not. Rain is a big factor. I won’t take my Camera’s out in sloppy weather. Cold and windy is another one. I just don’t get the interest. However, you are right in finding beauty where-ever you go. Just have to stop and look what is in front of your eyes. Regards, Les

    • It’s seems that the weather can definitely put a halt on things. I’m the same with my camera, the rain is not my friend unless I’m shooting through a window or under some type of shelter;also my camera is not weather proof. Thanks for reading! 😊

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