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On the last day of the month I have a segment where I’d like to share links to other bloggers posts’ that resonated with me in some way.

I’ve enjoyed reading so many blogs this November! There are truly a lot of talented bloggers with the a lot of creative and interesting content. Over the past few weeks, I’ve engaged with some interesting people and I’m looking forward to meeting more in December!

Please, take a look below and I hope you enjoy them as well!

Happy reading/viewing!

Letting Nature take over for a bit Lately, I have been making it a habit
Capturing what you see The last few posts have been about using a fast shutter
Testing and playing with your camera The photo above was taken right when I received

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  1. Thank you for putting my post of the Romantic Soldier on your list! I feel humbled and honored, my friend. What a great idea to put your favorite posts on public display, something worth imitating indeed!

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