Embracing the change to Winter

From Autumn to Winter…the change

It’s been a wacky transition into the season this year. The usual peak of the season didn’t quite arrive as harmoniously as usual. During the peak of the season, many trees refused to display their beautiful Autumn foliage while others couldn’t wait to put their show on display. Then, there were some trees that went through the transition so fast it seems that they dropped all of their leaves in one day!

It has been a beautify season of change. The colors have been fascinating.  Trees aren’t the only part of nature that changes its colors during the transition to the winter.  The American Goldfinch’s legs feet and bill change from a dark grayish brown to a yellow orange color. It will be interesting to see the final changes of the season as we head into the cold winter season. Some may see this change sooner than others and some, not at all.  I have noticed over the last few days that most of the surrounding trees have let their leaves go. There are still a few dead ones still trying to hang on. I suspect that the high gusty winds of the beginning of the winter will take care of those.


The process takes time

The photos above were taken about 2 weeks ago . My attempt was to capture the dramatic difference in tree foliage. I know that each species of trees reacts differently as the year progresses. However, its a slight weird feeling to see one tree bare, another with beautiful Autumn foliage and the other with bright green foliage all in the same area – literally right next to each other. Maybe its natures way of slowly guiding us into winter, so that way we will not be in a state of shock when the winter season finally arrives. We could all learn a lesson from nature, especially during the time of transitions into the season. Going through Autumn to Winter is natures way of saying “its ok to let things go”. To rest, to take time out and quiet oneself.  Thank you nature! Nonetheless, the scenery is still beautiful and I enjoy capturing it.


Plans for the upcoming season

Speaking of the upcoming season, I have a few photography projects planned. Not only will it help me capture unique photos, I believe it will contribute to the survival of the animals that remain during the colder months. Not that they need my help anyway. They have been surviving for many,many, many, years without me! However, this will be my first time actually taking the time out to notice their behavior, taking notes, and using my camera a lot more during the winter.

Some of the other things I will be doing for my bird friends:

  • Keeping high calorie bird food stocked and ready
  • keeping the feeding and perching area clean
  • maintaining the bird bath and ensure it is positioned difficult for cats to access
  • Refilling the feeders on a consistent basis

There is a homemade natural recipe for bird food that I will be trying out. It consists of peanut butter and various seeds. I’ve been collecting different recipes  that are more on the “fatty” side to create during the winter season to help out my little bird friends. The extra nutrients will help their little bodies keep a stable when the temperature drops.  I’ve also installed a bird bath. Water can become a scarce resource during the colder months due to most of it freezing over. I will admit, I do not have a sophisticated expensive bird bath with a heater. I will just change the water or scoop out the ice chunks when the temperatures fall near freezing. Like I said earlier, my goal is to capture photos much different than the ones I am used to capturing. The weather will be a bit more harsh so it will be interesting to see how me and my camera will hold up!

 On a final note

I will still attempt to get out there and brave the weather to capture other aspects of nature. Such as landscapes and snow. I will be cautious not to spend too much time in the cold to prevent catching a cold or the flu. Snowflake photography is something that has sparked my interest for some time now and I plan to photograph snowflakes this up coming winter- that project will be a hit or miss!  Above all, I will enjoy the process. Seeing my little bird friends gather much needed nutrients, the change in landscape/scenery and further testing and developing my photography skills. There is always good in a situation if you have the right mindset. So on that note, I look forward to embracing the change to winter and my upcoming projects during the season. I will be sure to share my adventures – the ups and downs.


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  1. I love that you care about the birds 🙂 I never knew there was a bird that changed colours with the season. Around here we’ve got the showshoe rabbits (white in winter, grey-brown in summer). I wish you luck with the braving of the cold for the sake of your photography! I prefer to enjoy winter from my window 🙂

  2. I love that you are looking out for the birds as well as capturing the beauty of the changing season. There are such beautiful colours at that time of the year.

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