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The time to practice cultivating a peaceful mind should be practiced before the onset of stress and anxiety. Nature and landscape photography has a way of centering me and allowing me to concentrate on the beautiful aspects of life. Of course there is the technical aspect of the craft that at times can take away from my peacefulness – if I let it.

I’ve been developing a habit of not letting that happen. I’ve come to recognize the warning signs of my peacefulness slipping away from me while making a photograph.

  • Taking too long to adjust the camera settings
  • Aggravation with the subject not being in the position I would like
  • Taking to many photos of the same subject and not being satisfied with not one single image
  • Not being able to find a good subject to capture after searching/waiting for hours
  • Not having my pre-visualized photo come to fruition

These are some of the things that used to really get under my skin in the past. Over time, I’ve come to realize there is much more to the picture than the picture itself; It’s the experience.

Being in the moment

One of the best practices I’ve become to utilize is being in and enjoying the moment. It’s easy to get frustrated but with practice the frustration subsides and a more peaceful experience is enjoyed.

I intended to capture a different subject in the picture above. I waited and took photo after photo. Adjusting the settings, trying a different point of view but I just could not make the camera capture what I was seeing. That is when I took a step back. I sat the camera down, took a few breaths, and started to soak up my surroundings. I listened to the sound of the waves hitting the shore line. The birds having conversations with one another. I felt the breeze blowing against my cheek and the warmth of the setting sun kissing my skin goodnight. This went on for about 30 minutes and I felt a sense of peacefulness overcome me. It was a feeling far better than frustrating myself trying to  capturing a photo.

After a while, I started to walked down to a pier and happened to glance over and there is was. The most peaceful scene I had witnessed in a while. I had a gut feeling that was the photo I was meant to capture that day. I grabbed my camera, quickly composed and adjusted the settings and took one photo. When I viewed it in-camera it was exactly what my eyes were seeing. I was content.

On a final note

There will be times where a project will require you to take multiple photos and different exposures. Or use the guess-and-check technique in order to capture a subject perfectly.I never forget that photography is an art and not all artists get it right on the first take. However, when I utilize the practice above from time to time, I find that I fall even more in love with nature and the art of photography because I get to fully experience the moment and take a piece of it back home with me to keep forever.


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12-28mm at 19mm 1/1250sec f/9 ISO 320

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  1. This is a great topic. As an amateur photographer I do often find myself rushing to a spot and rushing out. Part of the joy of nature photography should be to enjoy the surroundings more for sure.

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