Natures Melody-Water


Travel Light and Enjoy the Melody

I was visiting a nearby park and wanted to bring the least amount of gear as possible. My intention was to capture a few photos and fish the rest of the day. That quickly changed when I arrived and found myself mesmerized by the soothing sound of the water and the cool breeze that accompanied it.  Waterfalls are on my list of natures beautiful gifts; Next to sunsets, green pastures, and various wildlife. I have never ran into a waterfall that I did not like. No matter how large or small, each one is unique and beautiful.

I sat, enjoying the sunshine, and reminiscing of feelings of gratitude of my surroundings. After a few minutes, I decided to put a hold on reminiscing and capture the beauty in front of me. I began to create a few photos, slowly moving around until I found a nice spot. The  first few photos were ok; they were taken at a shutter speed that “froze” the motion of the water. For some reason, I wanted the water to look how it sounded;smooth and calming. If that makes sense -no pun intended.

Capturing the Choir

I didn’t have a neutral density filter or a tripod to make a few seconds of exposure. I quickly contemplated on what needed to be done to leave with a picture that I pre-visualized. I decided to use a similar technique from my previous blog. However, instead of laying on my belly, I sat the camera on the rock and composed the scene from the viewfinder. This was a bit of a challenge because my camera doesn’t have a flip screen.

Then I set the camera to its narrowest aperture, set the ISO to 125, and the minimum shutter speed without blowing out the highlights in the water. This gave me somewhat of a smooth texture to the water without a tripod and neutral density filter. I was lucky enough to have a flat rock to settle the camera on.

I’m thinking about returning later on down the road with my tripod and ND filter in order to have a slower shutter speed so I can capture a scene and make the water look like cotton candy. I will have to make sure to set time aside to ensure I pack the correct materials, find a nice spot to set up with out distractions, and have my cleaning tools handy. Since this is a popular area, I would most likely have to go during working hours. However, I don’t see that happening anytime soon because I am busy during those hours as well.

On a final note

If you ever come across a moving water scene without the necessary long exposure tools, try the settings and tips above to see if you can accomplish a smooth texture in the water. Also, use the tips from Finding a Different Point of View if you want to make your photo unique. Lastly, be sure to enjoy the sound of natures melody. The sound of natural moving water relaxes the mind and helps you appreciate the beauty of nature.


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Nikon 55-300 at 300mm 1/8sec f/25 ISO 125

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