Sunshine with Fall colors


Let there be light!

In my last post, I contemplated whether or not I was pleased with the outcome of photographing Fall foliage in overcast conditions. This past weekend, the weather was nice and unusually warm for October-74 degrees F. I visited a local state park and ventured out to find a nice colorful subject to capture. There were so many choices to choose from but I settled on the image above because of the contesting colors and the overall mood of he scene.

The scene

As I stated above this is a local state park. I arrive well before the popular times which allowed two things: great upfront parking and golden hour lighting. The scene above was best captured during this time because of the front lighting created by the sun. There was a public access ledge overlooking the waterfall and a perfect place to create the shot. I’m not one for picking a “typical” spot to capture a picture- meaning, creating a composition that everyone has captured. Due to the safety issues around the area, I chose to err on the side of caution; I stayed where the warning signs told me what was safe.

I didn’t bring my tripod along because we were going to be hiking to a place along the river to fish. If you look closely, you can see a tiny rainbow created by the mixture of mist from the waterfall and sunlight. I was sure that was a sign that the fish would be jumping on the hook – not much happened with the fish or the hook that day.

The camera

I used a series of shots to capture this panoramic photo. Even though I had a wide angle lens, the available distance and the large grand scene couldn’t fit in one frame. I took a series of photos and stitched them together. I thought I would have a difficult time because of the movement of the water but the result turned out quite well. There was one other photographer, seemed like a well seasoned vet, who was out there with me capturing the same photo; He had a tripod and a ND filter. One day, when I have time, I will capture a long exposure waterfall scene. The day I was there just wasn’t a good day due to the other activities on the itinerary. That will be my photo project on my next visit.

Final note

I must say that I prefer the bright Fall landscape scenery over the overcast scene in my previous post. When viewing the photos, I think that the sunlight does something magical to the colors. As far as taking them, enjoying the sunlight,cool Fall breeze, and hearing the lovely sounds of nature is no comparison to the cold, quiet, and solemn cloudiness of the overcast day spent capture the photo in the previous post. It’s all personal preference and even those can change from time to time. Who knows, maybe in a few months during the cold harsh winter, I may long for the overcast Autumn scenery that I once claimed as dull.


Please feel free to comment on which Fall scenery you enjoy.


P.s I captured more photos of the Fall scenery at the same location. Visit my facebook page for more. I usually post other nature photos and ramblings on there in conjunction with this blog.

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  1. What a gorgeous photo. You have really captured the light and the essence of all that is fall!

  2. Thanks for alerting me to your blog by “liking” mine. Your photography is beautiful. We are near that state park and have appreciated those fall scenes more than usual this lovely autumn. Thank also for your link to Pandora’s nature music. I have it playing softly during my morning devotionals.

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