Autumn, photographers paradise?


Transition to Autumn

It’s that time of the year when Mother Nature lets us know it’s okay for change and to let things go- Autumn or Fall, depending on personal preference.  We’ve enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the animals and insects during the spring and summer seasons; The blooming of flowers, the laughter and playfulness of kids enjoying their outdoor activities. Now, it’s time for Mother Nature to guide us into a winters break (some longer than others). It a yearly ritual that yields beautiful colors. The greenery is starting to make its graceful exit and politely yielded to the colors of Autumn. Deep reds, vibrant yellows, eye-catching oranges contrasting against the blue sky – with a few sprinkles of green.The contrasting colors are great to photograph and document the subtle changes each years transition brings.

In a previous post, I noted the benefits of a CPL filter. It’s a great tool to use when photographing Autumn foliage and water scenes because it reduces glare, and  brings out the vibrant colors in the trees against the sky. During the golden hour, I tend to favor the effects of the CPL because it can produce results that are far better than what is created in post processing.

Let’s start capturing the Autumn colors!

The photo above was taken toward a full day of fishing at a local lake. It was my first time visiting the lake in the late evening- aka golden hour. I scouted the area and found a small space on the edge of the lake where no one was fishing.  Then, crawled down to the very edge(in the mud) and snapped 5 segmented photos to create a panorama by stitching them together in post-processing. Being that my lens was not wide enough to capture the entire scene, I found this to be the best option – which I arrived to rather quickly.

The light being cast from the setting sun created a warm feeling while the symmetry of the trees reflection created a sense of balance.The direction of the trees made it a perfect candidate to photograph during the later part of the evening. If I attempted the photo during the high noon hours, the trees would be in the shadows and the colors would not be as vibrant.  After taking the photo, I removed myself from the muddied area and found a nearby rock and sat in silence ; enjoying the beautiful warm scene and taking in the fresh cool Autumn air.


One of the benefits I’ve found while photographing landscapes is how it allows me to live in the moment and appreciate the space that I’m in. This was a nice little break because after nine plus hours of fishing and not hooking a single fish, proved to be quite the frustrating experience; Especially when the people all around me were reeling’ ’em in back to back. Nonetheless, I was calmed by the last few bright moments of the day; gleaming upon the autumn leaves with the wind giving me a slight cooling off from time to time. We didn’t leave with any fish that day. However, I left with a picture I created that will last for a life time.


As the season progresses, I look forward to the ever changing beautiful Autumn paradise that has yet to be enjoyed and captured – stay tuned.





Tokina AT-X 12-28  at 12mm 1/320 f/9 1250 ISO

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